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Information about Portuno Diamo

"Auristorat, non-vivant and all round duper hero with megamaniac and pathological tendencies. Unable to sort truth from bull, I shoot both and let God figger it out."

It's a forest and trees kinda thing...

The above quote is from my profile page on a website called "ProgrammersHeaven".

PHeaven was a site purportedly intended for discussion of programming. In particular, for us VCSY shareholders, Microsoft .Net programming.

The website was closed down [April 25, 2007] shortly after VCSY v MSFT was announced. We were talking about .Net back then, just nobody could tell we were because the discussion was about VCSY's intellectual property.

Some people think I make sense. Some think I do not. As you can see, I made quite a few posting at ProgrammersHeaven (PH aka "The Treefort" aka Laughing Place #1), as did many other VCSY shareholders, in what was supposedly a "private" forum. Apparently that forum was considered a threat to somebody's various efforts and agendas as everybody's posts there were deleted. Wonder why? We don't. Maybe one day some of those old posts will be resurrected to show everyone just what the discussion was all about. 

Interestingly, the person most loudly trumpeting the idea that the above profile is new and represents a change in my advocacy toward VCSY is the same person(s) responsible for having the PH site shut down.  Here's a tiny example of that person's efforts.

Now, why would somebody so intimately involved with the nature of the above profile words written almost three years ago find it necessary to lie about the very nature of those words to readers on various VCSY message boards? Having a hard time figgering it out? Heh heh heh. Sit alone in silence for a spell and it will come to you.

The old ajaxamine blog was looking kind of droopy and messy (I'm a terrible housekeeper - I end up keeping every little scrap of useful breadcrumb to keep the pecking crows busy) so I decided to rent a couple new places from which to X# . This here orange basketball court thingie is one and this is another.

No, they're not quite ready for populating just yet. Patience is a virtue. I'm a terrible procrastinator and I'm simply doing things one small step at a time the way all things should be done. Time is a friend to those who know truth.

BTW Do you like the color of the banner at the head of this new website? I do. It's pretty. Big. Bright. Happy.

And it's THAT much longer now...

Hey look! Another place for me to talk about my favorite person. Me.

Looking for some reading material? Do yourself a favor and dig.


Because public organizations are supposed to be freaking public no matter how big or small they may be.

Thats "WHY". Folks who abuse that trust should be shaken awake. And I'm a big believer in shake and bake.

 Wiki Wiki Scratch.... 

For those of you who have a hard time finding things, I thought I might begin listing some interesting things here. I can clean the place up later anyway. Feel free to save for future reference anything you find so you can pick things and events apart at a later date when hindsight gives you a much more clear perspective.

Chapter One in Which We Find a Crabcake in the Villain's Underwear

Chapter Two in Which We Find the Riddles Written on the Wall

Chapter Three in Which the Cockroaches Discover They've Eaten Spiked Catfood

Chapter Four in Which the Stump Thunk the Skunk Stunk and the Skunk Thunk the Stump Stunk

Chapter Five in Which the Stupid Overthink Their Position and Show What True Stupidity Does

Chapter Six in Which the Tricks Rub Sticks and Burn Their... Members

Chapter Seven in Which We Pull the Finger and the Bottom Falls Off