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Friday, 6 May 2011
Wookin pah nub
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: "Where the Balls Are" Court docu-drama (reality/fiction)
Topic: Reference

 Case Calendar

EVENT DATE/RULE (if applicable)
Initial Case Management Conference May 12, 2011
Last Day to Serve Initial Disclosure of Asserted Claims and Preliminary Infringement Contentions (and related documents) May 26, 2011 (P.L.R. 3-1: 14 days after CMC)
Last Day to Serve Preliminary Invalidity Contentions (and related documents) July 14, 2011
Last Day to Exchange List of “Proposed Terms and Claim Elements for Construction”August 1, 2011
Last Day to File Joint Claim Construction and Prehearing Statement September 12, 2011
Claim Construction Discovery Closes October 12, 2011 (P.L.R. 4-4:
Opening Claim Construction Brief October 27, 2011 (P.L.R.. 4-5(a):

CASE NO. 10-CV-4645-RS
EVENT DATE/RULE (if applicable)
claim construction statement)
Responsive Claim Construction Brief November 14, 2011 (P.L.R. 4-5b: 14 days after
opening brief, plus 3 days per FRCP 6(d))
Reply Claim Construction Brief November 28, 2011 (P.L.R. 4-5c: 7 days after responsive brief, plus 3 days per FRCP 6(d))
Claim Construction Hearing December 12, 2011 (P.L.R. 4-6: two weeks after reply brief, subject to Court’s schedule)
Status Conference Following claim construction hearing, subject to
court’s schedule Final Infringement Contentions Per P.L.R. 3-6 (30 days after claim construction ruling)
Final Invalidity Contentions Per P.L.R. 3-6 (50 days after claim construction ruling)
Patent holder to serve willfulness documents;
Alleged infringer to serve opinion of counsel Per P.L.R. 3-8 (50 days after claim construction ruling)
Trial (To be determined; subject to Court’s schedule

17. Trial
The parties propose that the Court hold a Status Conference after the claim construction ruling to set the trial date and the remainder of the schedule. The case will be tried to a jury. Interwoven expects trial will last 7 days. Vertical expects trial will last 5 days.

18. Disclosure of Non-Party Interested Entities or Persons
Interwoven filed its “Certification of Interested Entities or Persons” on February 7, 2011. Vertical intends to file its “Certification of Interested Entities or Persons” on May 12, 2011.

Dated: May 5, 2011
Respectfully submitted,
By: /s/ Bijal V. Vakil
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Interwoven, Inc.
Respectfully submitted,
By: /s/ Vasilios Dossas
Attorneys for Defendant
Vertical Computer Systems, Inc..
Case3:10-cv-04645-RS Document55 Filed05/05/11 Page8 of 91

CASE NO. 10-CV-4645-RS
I, Bijal V. Vakil, hereby attest in accordance with General Order No. 45.X that Vasilios D. Dossas, Counsel for Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. has provided his concurrence with the electronic filing of the foregoing document entitled JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT AND [PROPOSED] SCHEDULING ORDER.
Dated: May 5, 2 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:55 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 6 May 2011 7:36 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010
One tarpit and lots of animals facing extinction.
Mood:  flirty
Now Playing: "Stuck in GUI" Adventurers find their shrunken heads boxed. (adult implements)
Topic: Reference

VCSY follows up Interwoven's lawsuit of October 14, 2010 attempt to have portions of patents 6826744 and 7716629 ruled invalid and unenforceable:

Interwoven versus Vertical Computer

with one of their own November 15, 2010:

Vertical Computer versus Interwoven, LG and Samsung

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:35 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 16 November 2010 3:49 PM EST
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009
The Ring of Fire
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: "Johnny Crash" Country musical featuring papier mache' horsies and lace chaps. (leather accesseries)
Topic: Reference

Those of you watching from the parapets should be able to recognize what just happened here.

It's like  sitting on the roof in the city and hearing a car crash a few blocks away. You don't have to be sitting on the curb watching to be able to tell what happened. 

W3C Pulls Plug on XHTML 2

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has halted work on the second version of the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), and has instead redirected its energies to the next version, HTML 5.

"When the XHTML 2 Working Group charter expires as scheduled at the end of 2009, the charter will not be renewed. By doing so, and by increasing resources in the HTML Working Group, W3C hopes to accelerate the progress of HTML 5," states a W3C news bulletin


Version 2 of XHTML is actually a complete rewrite of the markup language, Jones said. "Basically, the vision of XHTML 2 was to start over and fix all the mistakes with earlier versions of HTML," he said. "They were successful in [technical terms], but it never got market uptake. It never got native support in browsers."


(more at URL)


"...the vision of XHTML 2 was to start over and fix all the mistakes with earlier versions of HTML..."

You see, once the industry saw something done right the first time, they had to revisit all the stuff they say they would consider "obvious".

It wasn't all that obvious when you blind people felt up the elephant AFTER the Emily language patent application was made. Your consensus didn't come up with a proper dispensation of the novel concept.

And anyone who reads the Emily patent pending information knows Emily is the use of XML as a truly functional and transformative language intended for use with the MLE 7076521 native XML process but uniquely powerful just by itself.

Very interesting timing for the W3C to pack it up in attempting to do what Emily does and they go traipsing over to HTML to see if they can make HTML extensible enough to work around the Emily method.

If anyone would like to argue what I'm saying, please feel free to comment. Better bring your lunch. 



Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:11 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 15 July 2009 1:26 AM EDT
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Saturday, 12 May 2007
A Pot of Gold
Topic: Reference

Memo From A Mob 

First, I would like to welcome our 556 readers here now. That number jumped to 556 from 350 the day before so there is an increase of interest representing that surge yesterday Friday May 11, 2007.

We're back to our normal 300-350 visitors on Saturday... so who were those 200 masked men? 

It do appear we've retained 100 new viewers out of that surge Friday. We're at around 425 as of 'yesterday' whatever yesterday means to the tripod visitor counter. Who knows.

 An Apology to the Linkless

There are two ways to read blog posts on this lycos/tripod site. One way you can simply go to the day the post was made and scroll down to the post and read.

The other concerns the "Permalink" at the bottom of each page which is the link that will take you directly to that page when you hit it somewhere.

But, there is a problem with the way permalinks act on a permalink page. The permalink from a blog page derived from the date the blog was written gives a correct Permalink movement.

What can you expect? It's free and it's brought to you by the same people who couldn't hang on to all RagingBull posts prior to January 21, 2003 due to a "technical error".

Seeing how they put this environment together I can somehow start believing the bull.

Anywho. Until tripod can figure out what to do, (get cute or work right) ALL PAGES are best viewed via the calendar selection and not the permalink pages until tripod finds out people actually use these functions. Apparently the designers didn't use the product they built. Shame but common in the traditional programming paradigm.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a huge surprise and disappointment to me and underlines why SiteFlash capabilities should have been available back in 2001 when this whole ball game started.

So sorry for the mess. Suck it up it's free. And you might get rich reading. 

- the management 

Reference Liberry:

Reference: Patent Battle IBM/MSFT

XML News for an anchor point in the industry history:

XML News 1998
XML News 1999
XML News 2000
XML News 2001
XML News 2002
XML News 2003
XML News 2004
XML News 2005
XML News 2006
XML News 2007

You Can't Know ANYTHING If You Don't Know History
(Timelines of various sizes and shapes)

The TIMELINE swirling around VCSY
The TIMELINE concerning Virtualization
The TIMELINE material for an IBM / VCSY connection 

Relevant Posts for Rumination and Exploration

Copping a Feel and Blaming it on the Cupholder
Why Microsoft hasn’t sued (yet)
A useful view of software oriented intellectual property


Informative googles:




crap and other stuff...

stupid ideas...


On what question would you like to  have an answer?

If you're looking for a yes or no answer, perhaps you should use this instead:

(you can anonymous blog here and I will moderate the comment)

(if you would rather your comment not be posted, say so and it will be my pleasure to avoid the unnecessary competition - the management) 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:04 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 14 May 2007 4:50 PM EDT
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Of Interest
Topic: Reference

I will keep a list of interesting items for your perusal here.

WARNING: You should be at least a novice treeforter before attempting to assess any of this for value to your favorite koolaid recipe. Not being snobby or clickee but you will need a good bit of reading to gain background enough to know how to make the assumptions here... which no-one should be making assumptions in the first place.

None of them may be assumed to be associated with VCSY except for coincidental matching by date and description. Other dates and descriptions should be correlated against other background information before anything should be assumed.

THAT BEING SAID, there are a heck of a lot of coincidences in behaviour and events that beg to be dug through for associations and assumptions. 

Red Hat Summit 2007: Day 1 - desktops and licenses



...big news was Red Hat's announcement of plans for Global Desktop, a partnership with Intel that is scheduled to go live this summer. Global Desktop will see hardware and software combined in a single offering, apparently aimed at expanding the Linux market in developing countries. ...

The new desktop brings the Red Hat total to three: Fedora for hobbyists and developers, the Enterprise Desktop for corporate worker bees, and now Global Desktop for developing nations...

... Professor Eben Moglen of Columbia Law School... explained the flurry of activity by Microsoft in disposing of the coupons it purchased from Novell for copies of SUSE Linux. Time pressure is building around the use those coupons because of the pending arrival of GPLv3. The new license is scheduled to become available for use in December, and it turns the very weapon Microsoft sought to use against the Linux community -- its patent portfolio -- against Microsoft.

The first draft of GPLv3 attempted to prevent the use of patents as weapons to deprive users of rights by requiring that software developers provide keys for any DRM mechanisms which might stop users from being able to examine or modify the GPLed code. Under the latest draft, any patent protection offered to customers of a GPLed product are automatically extended to all downstream users. In the agreement between Novell and Microsoft, for example, SUSE Linux customers are afforded protection from the threat of patent infringement suits by Microsoft. Under the GPLv3 license, this same agreement would extend that protection to anyone and everyone, thus neutralizing Microsoft's patent weaponry. This explaining why Microsoft is dumping its SUSE coupons to Wal-Mart, Dell, and elsewhere as quickly as it can.

The day ended with an outdoor dinner party hosted by IBM on the hotel grounds, with a view of sailboats and small craft sailing past. IBM also included blinking-LED-lined red sunglasses and frisbees as party favors.


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 2:35 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 12 May 2007 2:54 PM EDT
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Friday, 11 May 2007
Reference: Code Obfuscation
Topic: Reference

If you want a handle on how a weazel can modify his software to make the world think something that's not, read here:

Intellectual Property Protection and Code Obfuscation
By Adnan Masood @


"Who can afford to do professional work for nothing? What hobbyist can put three man-years into programming, finding all bugs, documenting his product, and distributing it for free?"
-Bill Gates in his "Open Letter to Hobbyists," 1976. Excerpt from Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software

The recent Microsoft Windows source code leak has raised serious concerns in security intellectual property protection circles. Software, being an intangible yet highly valuable commodity, is now indigenous to organisations in various forms. But its theft and disassembling is more dangerous to an organisation than any other replaceable entity being burgled. Its theft or leakage, in part or in full, impacts an organization's credibility and increases the risk of exploitation of bugs, which may be found inside the code and improperly gives a leading edge to competitors.

It's rare that a proprietary OS's source code gets posted on the Internet, but if this worries you, how about distributing a program, which retains most or all of the information present in original source? With constant advancements in operating systems architectures, we are now living in a world where major platforms, .NET and J2EE, rely on virtual machines (VM) to facilitate the generation of intermediate code, which could be executed on any machine, in principle. The slogan of 'Write Once Run Anywhere' sounds very attractive but considering the code is exposed through a virtual machine, there are various security measures that need to be taken. Since the intermediate language can be disassembled back into source, your highly valued commodity is in danger. In this article, I'll discuss the potential perils in the VM arena, how virtual machines work, what code obfuscation is, how open source reacts to intellectual property and what the steps in execution of a CLR based program are. In this article we'll also discuss how .NET's Reflection APIs work and how we can read a Portable Executable using it. Let us explore these topics in detail. Welcome to the uncharted waters of .NET.

A virtual machine, as its name depicts, emulates a hardware machine by using software. However, the architecture is not bound to any physical machine but instead is supported through an interpreter, which executes the code. A VM provides a security "sandbox" to protect the underlying resources. The idea of a VM is not new; it dates as far back as 1965 with Andrew Tenenbaum and the IBM VM emulation, which is now IBM System 370 (S/370) and IBM System 390 (S/390). This chronology is discussed by Tennenbaum and William Stallings as well as at GMU's Web site under the history of Virtual Machines. Knuth's famous MMIX is another example of 64 bit RISC VMs used in his three volumes "The Art of Computer Programming", a classical text in computer science.


 More at URL

Now, Imagine a virtual machine being virtualized. Kinda kinky, eh? What's got them stumped in the Microsoft laboratories? Can't screw the bolts back in to Frankestein's neck? Stripped a thread? Crossthreaded the little bugger so bad the nut can take both ways home at the same time? Ouch. Does anybody know how to separate them? No? Start over? Ouch.

Graph of nuglet to pain ratio inherent in pocket pinching and non-funded research. 

This was the day they put my poor nuglets to rest.... they were the best... color them messed. 

How many nuglets fit in a twentyfour ounce can?

The secret to life is not misbehaving when endeavouring as a node and ..."As in real life, nodes try to earn as much nuglets as possible.".

This chart shows how to make sure the spy v spy stays in black and white.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 7:21 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 11 May 2007 7:24 PM EDT
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