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Friday, 4 May 2007
I done looked out there and they was a squirrel in this old boy's socks...
Mood:  hungry
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Topic: Panama

Newbees and Oldbees alike. Yes dammit I do believe Panama deserves its own topic just as Gettysbird or Squirrel Harbor deserve mention in a historical sense to make sure we keep our fodder dry and make sure mudder has at least a tin of porky beans for dindin.

Some of you may have noticed I've updated the timeline with a couple items pertaining to Yayhoo. Some of you wouldn't notice if a squirrel were provisioning for a hard winter in your socks.

I said these mutterings last year about Yahoo/Panama and the oddnesses going on... perhaps somebody can dig them up in the posting histories on Raging Bull VCSY of (who was I then - I can't remember) anyway if you need help ask one of the longs like morrie or sirius or baveman. Leave RR2 alone to battle the beebles.

Yahoo took a very large hit when they had to delay Panama last year... for technical reasons... one week after VCSY received the "XML Enabler Agent" patent. Like Vista was delayed... for technical reasons. Like Leopard has been delayed... for technical reasons.

Panama was the great hope for Yahoo and the delay no doubt took a heavy toll, but they manage to roll it out finally February 1, 2007. One week before VCSY served Microsoft with a cease and desist order on .Net for infringement on VCSY SiteFlash patent.

Here's an interesting article about what folks were looking forward to seeing in Panama:

Might I make a suggestion that is not new? There are a number of bloggers suggesting what I am going to say already. They doubtless know much more about the subject than I do, but the suspicion dovetails with some other items that make it seem... well... suspicious.

I do believe Microsoft wants Yahoo particularly for Panama. The implications made by the 'coincidental' dates and events in only this small section of der timeline vershtinken tell my paranoid delusional mind MSFT could then grandfather whatever deal Yahoo may have cut in order to feel comfortable introducing Panama (should Panama actually be using VCSY IP as opposed to the image of a bumbling techrockacy that can't do software right the first time... like Microsoft/Viridian and Apple/Leopard).

Much opinion regards Microsoft + Yahoo a bad fit, assuming MSFT is angling to acquire the audience (is it really worth $50 billion?) and the Panama technology.

Microsoft has not been able to move the bar up on their actually deployed web offerings. If an IP issue is a major reason for the talks, what would regulators think of Microsoft so obviously attempting to gain a shelter from... what? Puny little VCSY?

Something the size of a flea giving an elephant a fit? Am I crazy or what? At its peak, so far, this blog attracts only around 350 readers in spurts.  There's a consistent audience of around 250. Now you know just how 'unknown' Vertical is in computer land.

Days and weeks are ahead and one thing we've learned in our watchings of this interesting technological soap opera: stress across an uncontrollable dynamic mass makes the bad guys make mistakes. 

And boy is this a massive mass. Somebody light some candles and bring in some buckets of holy water. They's gonna be a purging of evil spirits in the halls of ivy. 


PS - Yo yup yep. yahooo is only valuable in its "live" search etc. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 11:45 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 5 May 2007 10:53 AM EDT
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