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VCSY - A Laughing Place #2
Thursday, 17 May 2007
One more for the rode.
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Topic: VCSY / MLE (Emily)

My two cents (we're almost there - next post I promise) I just had to chime in here with everybody else so there's a rounded view.

Yikes that's one ugly cut and paste job but I'm not cleaning it up. Screw that, I'm a short-timer. Time for beddy bye and the last post. 

Replies to Msg. #185372
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185374 Btr-n-u 4sirius2   17 May 2007  
2:10 AM EDT
185375 Also, the patent office may have issues with Emil 4sirius2   17 May 2007  
2:13 AM EDT
185377 btu n u: The patent pending 'Emily' was patent ap RapidRobert2   17 May 2007  
2:48 AM EDT

The above list shows replies to the following message:
By: btr-n-u
17 May 2007, 01:54 AM EDT
Msg. 185372 of 185378
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If Emily was used to create XML enabler....and XML enabler is come Emily is patent pending? I don't understand the sequencing here.


I like to think of  US 7,076,521 as covering what the MLE or the micro-kernel web server can be described as with the ability to use URL's, resources and network structure to construct a virtual machine. This is a native XML virtual machine. This can be used as a operating platform that is morphed into an application like the middleware XML Enabler Agent or any other form of software.

Emily is the attending programming language used to build applications based on this platform and theoretically able to use any other languages within the Emily framework to construct further applications and languages. The ability to abstract functional complexity from one level of complexity to another is an elemental feature of Emily as a language.

The ability to use native XML in the programming language to extend functionality is what qualifies Emily as a Very High Level Language.

So, to me at least, US 7,076,521 provides the virtual machines to build out an architecture and Emily is the architecture builder. Siteflash uses the concepts claimed in US 6,826,744  to provide an environment (ecology) to house and extend the Emily programming language using the MLE kernel as an agent, thus able to construct web-based applications including complex operating systems using networked resources via agents and any other technologies virtualized. 

Of course, I have an advantage in that I have a copy of the 2000 whitepaper on Emily so it's easy for me to see.

There. I feel better already. Where's my keys?.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:46 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 17 May 2007 4:49 AM EDT
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Monday, 16 April 2007
Time to pith off the neighbors
Mood:  energetic
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Topic: VCSY / MLE (Emily)


Raging Bull VCSY 181696

By: choochoo2000
15 Apr 2007, 09:51 PM EDT
Msg. 181696 of 181698

A Geeat One for NEWBEES to Digest....

BY Rastamafoo

Please allow me to give it a shot:

Some conditions down the way; Something in quotes "jabberwocky" you should search for a Wikipedia article. Something in single quotes 'this example' is expressing a point. Items with underscores per this_example are names of data for narrative demonstration. Parens are all over the place because I don't have space or time for narrative segues.

Your questions:
1.)How does XMLE differ from Html?
2.) What are the benefits with VCSY technology?
3.) Why did they go from 0-$6.00 and drop in one day after Wade's announcement?
4.) Why weren't they prepared for the increase?

1 and 2 relate to the technology.

3 and 4 relate to the shareprice circa 2000.


yada yada yada I use a lot of words some of them big (some of them REALLY big) and finally I get to this point and I say:

Note - you would be much better off getting this information from VCSY or their distributors, but, as they aren't putting out info, I have on an opinion-only basis and 7 years of study... at almost this intensity the entire time.

I'm a freaking loon.

Hope that helps some. 

More at Message 181696


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:49 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 16 April 2007 12:52 AM EDT
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