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VCSY - A Laughing Place #2
Thursday, 17 May 2007
You can't fire me. I quit.
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: 'The Last Post' Accident prone Pony Express rider dragged by horse thru town discovers show biz. (Circus Minimus)

I was last out on a twelve way out of a Mullin's Kingair above 23000 feet. The 'above' part was thanks to a lovely pair of luschies distracting Mister Mike from his aeronautical duties and enticing the aviator to pour a little more kerosene and a little more stick into the climb max. Such is the way such business is done. Strangers can count on Somebody's Friend always chipping in an extra effort for the team.

When the floaters left, I couldn't hear the count, I couldn't see the sway, but I felt the surges pushed through each body back to me hunkered next to Mister Mike and little Luschy's Javelin container. I knew when the floaters were about to let go because the pulse and sway through the other 11 told me when they would launch and I followed that rhythm to its end.

So have I done here and now.

It's a weird feeling you have to develop a sense for. When to quit. It has everything to do with community in something like a skydive. It has to be felt and not seen and it results in a lunge toward something calling... in this tale's case the insatiable appetite to give gravity her due and cheat her out of the final embrace. To win against self at least. This kind of thing is hard the first times you do it. It all gets easy to feel when you do it often and a lot enough.

I've been doing 'this here' often and a lot and It's become too easy and and enough.

What I remember most about that particular jump is that I found myself last out on a 12 way with a hangedover at FL2x? sucking on a plastic cup and thinking; “If I were piloting this Kingair...” I would have desired a different part of the cake (negotiations would ensue, consensus from remaining jumpers could be employed, no doubt, to encourage the deal) and I would have given them so much altitude their eyeballs would look like hen eggs. Not a dis of the bakery goods displayed, mind you. Only a recognition that frosting was certainly all that and very well dolloped and molded, but the bottom layer, upon which the frosting was an artfully balanced act, amply supported all the above anticipations.

Dear me. If, on such a jump, I could have gravity and such a nice view before and after exit, it would make the fart smelling on the ride up ok and I wouldn't resent being roused from my alpha nap to stick a plastic gasper over my mouth and nose like some bloodshot prenatal tragedy.

Ahhh... alpha to delta naps. To fly asleep. To plummet weightless yet whole enough to awake for breakfast... I am insufferable in my condescension... I am beautiful in my elevated artistry. I am a stumbled drunkard lunging after a piece of ass with my hands gripped tight around her legstraps and hugging that colorful container like it was a teddy bear taken from a three year old trauma victim.

I don't remember making it to the door. Looking back, it's just a series of freeze frames... like the freeze frames of the lush countryside sliding under me on my first jumps. The eye catches images and the brain integrates. Sometimes the brain is 'enhanced' by impending shock or trauma or just the thrill of an oncoming newness and we see the frames unintegrated. We see the raw action without the brain filling in the blanks to make it a smooth movie. We know without having a chance to dawdle and tarry. We have to KNOW and the brain can't spare that kind of processing power just to give you a movie-like glide across the streaking earth. Especially just to let you “see” something you have little control over not hitting. Might as well put that processing power where it belongs... in making sure you execute the look reach pull and snag that D-ring first time or you're SOL with the jumpmaster.

I was taught to jump the first time by a HALO jumper on Nam era t-rounds with a rough attitude. Both him and the parachute. A stranger and stranger than a stranger. But, he was arguably best around and it was my good fortune to be trained by such a one.

I was taught to skydive by a Golden Knight. Before that, I was a falling frog. After that, I understood human form.

I also understood human psychology as one man was a stranger, the other a friendlier stranger... and the Luschy a future friend's anatomical dialect. Each taught me much. I can only hope I filled their time with some enhancement of any kind as they continue to enrich me continuously throughout my later life and I can no longer repay.

Last thing beautiful I remember about that jump was that shuffle shuffle samba feel of Luschy's plate full of cake down the aisle of the Mullins' Monster... belly into the breeze, flaps out full and engines chewing thin air to hold stable over the jump run to spot. The sway turned to lunge and we began the leaving. The plane's load was getting lighter with each body flung from the frame... and, came my time, I nudged Lucshy through the door and I followed her out into Mistress FL20+'s clearness and a deep blue bottom all her own... and the next thing I remember was cruising on the bubble of accelerating air at my core while my arms and legs swept into a track and I followed my part in the pie toward the distant base.

I remember that jump because it was my last high altitude jump. After that, I did a few more ways a couple big ways and then I quit. I quit because it was predictable. I quit because I had lost the oomph much less the zoom. I remember laughing at a guy who came into the dz one day and sold his rig because he had taken up golf. I didn't realize how wise he was until today.

I know a number of guys and girls who didn't heed the head and now? Not. I am. I want to be.

I quit jumping because I was engrossed in this company you read and wonder about and I was fascinated with what that company has and falling toward the beautiful scenery no longer consumed my concentration.

That's what the guy who quit for golf told me and it took me decades to learn. “When you find you know too much, stop thinking. There are some things better left to surprise.”

Now, following the company for me will turn into something like BS Steel or Johnson Paperclips and sell billions and that will become what even the most exciting things become... ultimately mundane. Such is the way such business is done. Strangers can count on Somebody's Friend always chipping in an extra effort for the team.

I'm quitting posting for a time because I've seen it all come to pass and I want to be surprised from here on. I've followed Emily's luschy ass every shuffle shuffle samba from the right seat to the exit door and now it's time for me to give myself to gravity and let her remind me why I live and breathe.

Some five hundred feet below me the base was pulling in lurkers from all around and the 'dohickey jiblet with frog gravy' formation we dirt dived came together as I raced to follow Luschy into the grips... and they disappeared into a cloud.

How that happened I will never know because no skydiver in recorded history has actually jumped into a cloud. That would be illegal and against parachutist law and legalese... but lore is always different, isn't it? Lore is the real story dressed up for a party. The record is something we do to allow us to work together with civility and not take heads from the neighborhood because somebody farted on the ride up.

VCSY lore sounds like drama, mystery and conspired flatuessence. It's the legal record that will run through that will define the true nature of the journey. It looks like it's turning out the way we figgered in the dirt dive. Amazingly like their original plan in 2000 but much larger scope if the lurkers in the outer orbits are truly a revenue source for the VCSY technology and expertise. It's really a bit more to take in than is necessary or believable... even for me.

How big and how much is what everybody always wants to know. “Ok, dude, like, I was here and she was there and she had his left grip and this guy was closing on your right slot and you were like all over the fricking place and I thought you had the grip but then we funneled and like...” “No no no that's not what happened. It funneled because Fat Walter bombed in on somebody's burble and took out the base.” By beer thirty somebody will tell a waitress they came as close as they have ever come to dying. But, the record is in with everybody that was there.

That's why skydiving doesn't catch on as a spectator sport. You have to be there. It looks too easy and you're watching films of guys who make it look easy. You should watch what normal jumpers look like on video. It's both hilarious and instructive. Imagine having seen an angel fly and trying to experience that same agility. Now think through what a skydiver is doing with bits of metal, cloth and string and, in some rigs, no metal required. what the human creature is capable of without wings. 'OK Walter, step two is we're going to take you up a few thousand feet in this metal tube with these big metal things sticking out and you're going to get out and...'

The secret is relaxation. The more relaxed body tends to adopt a shape conformed by the various pressures of the wind. Ahh grasshopper must learn to fall asleep while falling to death. Very odd game.

There are different stories about VCSY just as there were 11 other ways of telling the same tale above. Us twelve men and women of all kinds dressed in these funny suits and saying these funny words and dancing these stupid looking hunched over dances in the dirt and farting on a plane were a jury on humanity that day and always.

We lorded over the earth as of a generation chosen by our ancestor's efforts to have their children play in the sky. And touched to earth again confident we truly were gods... only to get back into the bank note and drive back to the box where we live and eat the cow or the pig or the what the hell is this? AGAIN?... and all we could hope for is that the afterglow of accomplishment would linger through at least tomorrows breakfast...maybe lunch.

The real world has a way of mixing up the human mind into believing “something else” is more important than the task at hand. There is a fixation on fast easy achievement and it is the surest killer lurking the machine shop, grenade pit, drop zone, hayloft, grease pit, mud hole.

I saw a guy fly into the ground at a dz. He held the square into a spiraling dive until impact. He held that turn for the remainder of his life, as it were. Square parachutes (ok they're actually rectangular but don't tell anybody at the dz that or they'll have to rewrite all the training manuals) are inflated by ram air. Remind you of anyone? They inflate with rammed air in the front and force the enclosed envelope to take on the shape of a fairly 'rigid' wing. You can fly that wing. You can fly it real good.

If somebody says in Atlantis there were these people who flew, believe them. You know there were not? Hell, all indications are anyone with not such high fabric technology can soar the cliffs off Fort Funston, so why not Atlantis? What? These guys know NASA profiles? Is that necessary? “Me make wing. Me jump off cliff. Not fall. Fly. Fly off cliff. Land beach. You new around here?”

Squares can be flown into the ground like any dynamic feature.

So, no $#!@, they dug this guy's compounded femur out of the dirt to turn him over in case something could be done. It could be for a while. They asked him what happened. Toggle lock up? Steering line knotted up? Are you with me, buddy? Turns out he was pissed at himself for missing a grip. He forgot to pull out of the spiral because he was engrossed thinking about something that had happened when it was safe to play around. It ain't safe to play around when you get close to gravity's breast. She bites if you suck.

There are always skeptical people when you tell any story. It's the nature of the probability curves on a population of analog brains to have one extreme of trust and then another.

Skeptics are always missing the bigger picture. You know what's the safer bet? If somebody says they fly; Believe them until they show they can't.

If I had met any of these 12 people on that plane in an office or a golf course and they told me they could fly, would I have believed it? Luschy could obviously float, but, could she fly? Really?

They flew. I saw them fly together. They didn't see me because I was last out. I saw them vanish into a cloud still hundreds of feet below me with Mike's screaming machine plunging vertical past the cloud's edge to make another busload to 23k. A cloud that came out of nowhere swallowed up my friends and I was forced to 180 and track to clear their space.

I would like to go back and join that party in the sky for a while. I think I've known and said enough about distributed architectures and now I would like to regain the facility to trash pack a zero p, cradle it in a container, and stow the pilot, pud or hackey as my wont may be.

I know how to type well enough so the exercise was worth the effort on at least that level. I don't have much to say at this point because I get that way before a jump. I get stupid. And this is a jump. It's a good feeling, actually. It's the kind of brainwaves that say 'Isn't that a lovely piece of cake? Know what? It's your birthday.” And you remember what you were thinking that day that picture of you and the birthday cake and the candles and all your friends were codified into ink or iodine. You remember... 'Wow. Them's some really pretty candles.' 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 5:01 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 17 May 2007 5:09 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Mood:  a-ok

FYI - Niro Scavone Haller & Niro is the lawfirm representing Vertical Computer Systems (VCSY) in a lawsuit against Microsoft for infringement of patent #6,826,744. Troll? No. More like Trawler. BIG net on dotNet and the fishes are scurrying to get out of reach of that big mouth. The net... that's what I'm talking about. Shouldn't be swimming in illegal waters.

From VCSY, A Laughing Place, Part 3 

Great find from Benjy 

From Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro(On patent infringement)

Timothy J Haller and Sally Wiggins, Niro Scavone Haller & Niro

Trolls are mythological figures in folklore – so where do so-called ‘patent trolls’ come from? The term was first used in July 2001 when Brenda Sandburg wrote an article for American Lawyer publication The Recorder entitled “Trolling for dollars”. On page one of the article there was a picture of Intel’s then Assistant General Counsel Peter Detkin holding a troll doll. The second page showed attorney Raymond P Niro, of Chicago firm Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro, with the caption “Patent power”. The accompanying article began with the storybook ‘once upon a time’ claim that: “In the sleepy village of Santa Clara, there lived a very wealthy but very frightened giant named Intel. Intel was plagued by a fearsome band of evil trolls – patent trolls to be exact – who wanted a glittering pot of gold in exchange for doing absolutely nothing. They were very powerful because they said they owned the patent on some of the magic Intel used to become rich.”

Intel cried foul because it had been sued for patent infringement and defamation after publicly calling a client of Niro’s firm an “extortionist”. Thereafter, Peter Detkin coined the term ‘troll’ to avoid more lawsuits: “We were sued for libel for the use of the term ‘patent extortionist’ so I came up with the ‘patent trolls’,” Detkin said. “A patent troll is somebody who tries to make a lot of money from a patent that they are not practicing, have no intention of practicing and in most cases never practiced.”

After this incident Detkin became the managing director of Intellectual Ventures, a company that buys patents by the hundreds. In a Newsweek article Intellectual Ventures founder Nathan Myhrvold said: “If giant corporations are making billions of dollars from my ideas, I want something for it.” The same article goes on to define Intellectual Ventures’ business model as follows: “With this large bankroll, the company is out buying existing patents in droves. [Myhrvold will not comment on these activities, but sources say he has already purchased about 1,000 patents.] The strategy is to set up a sort of patent marketplace. Patent owners get money upfront for the dusty ideas sitting on their shelves, the investors get the rights to use the ideas without being sued and Myhrvold gets to rent those same ideas to other companies that need them to continue creating products.” (Newsweek, “Factory of the future?”, B Stone, November 22 2004.)

This certainly seems to satisfy Detkin’s definition of a ‘patent troll’. Indeed, others have even referred to Intellectual Ventures as a “patent troll on steroids, stockpiling patents to hold entire industries hostage”. (IP Law & Business, “Going once?”, L Lerer, October 2006.)

The background behind patent trolls
...larger body of article may be found at above URLs. Definitely worth the read especially by those inclined to believe VCSY is a troll....


So where does the idea of patent trolls arise from? No doubt the enforcement of patents can become abusive if a good-faith basis to assert a patent does not exist. However, that threshold applies to every individual or company, large or small, and regardless of whether they actively manufacture the technology embodied by their patents. In these discussions it must not be forgotten that it is the ownership of the patent that affords the constitutional right to enforce it against those who infringe. Arguments that attempt to circumvent or mask this notion, or to criticise the patent trolls who fully comply with the patent laws in enforcing the patents that they own, are wholly without merit.


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:11 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 1 May 2007 8:20 PM EDT
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Friday, 20 April 2007
Now, when I say 'go' you run like blazes across that open field... I'll cover ya with this slingshot.
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: 'Turkey Trot Terror' The holidays are disrupted by an outbreak of virulent truthitis.
What is so Magical about October? Is there some sort of surprise? And, besides, what in the world does Intel have to say about that?


April 19, 2007

Intel CEO Says Vista Service Pack To Be Released October Or November

Otellini told financial analysts that the first Windows Vista Service Pack is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter.

Microsoft isn't saying when, but in an apparent slip of the tongue during an earnings call with analysts, Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel, said the first Windows Vista Service Pack is scheduled for release in October or November.

Among the questions Otellini was asked on Tuesday following the release of Intel's first-quarter financial results was what impact Vista would have on Intel financially in the second half of the year. In his answer, Otellini slipped in the timetable, while giving the expected response that companies were waiting to deploy Vista.

"In the corporate space, I believe most companies will act like Intel and do some pilots and testing today, but the deployment will actually happen when the service pack gets released in the fourth-quarter timeframe -- probably the October, November timeframe," Otellini said.

Microsoft wasn't immediately available for comment on Thursday, but a senior company official has said that the software maker doesn't plan to issue a major service pack for the operating system, which is "high quality right out of the gate."

Michael Sievert, corporate VP for Windows marketing, also said that Windows Update, which enables the software maker to make fixes when needed over the Internet, has made "big bang" service packs unnecessary.

Microsoft shipped Windows Vista, a major upgrade from Windows XP, to consumers in January. The OS has been available to businesses since last November.


Gee. A whole year. To do what? 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:37 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 20 April 2007 3:42 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 18 April 2007
I mean, friends and neighbors, it really ain't all that difficult.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: 'Tickles for Shekels' Bible salesman confronts obtuse immigrants from East Slobovia

And for those of you who need a picture drawn, it's not rocket science you know... Look at this diagram and ask yourself 'What is so hard about XML? What is so hard about XML?' and tap your heels together three times and you will find yourself in the land of Moronvia where duplicated efforts mean nothing and architectural sketches stand for zip.

What? Maybe I should draw this on the back of a dollar? 

 BIG, ain't it?


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:27 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 18 April 2007 4:42 PM EDT
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Monday, 16 April 2007
One of these days birdy gonna be free,
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: 'Old Man River' The deep voice of Mansly Person sings this tender complaint for Life under feudaldom and feudaldee.

PS - If any of you folks come across broken links or crossed wires or lost packages or misinformation disguised as good hearted intent, please let me or somebody know. Don't go skating around in grape juice down aisle four and then complain you got leftidius legitis and shimsplints.

We don't carry insurance. Just grocery coupons for the coming famine. So leave a comment. It's anonymous... unless somebody's out to find out what your IP address is and I guess there's no defense against that. But don't worry about it. It won't get posted unless you're REALLY offensive and abusive. I want the folks to see what kind of altruists are out there protecting folks from losing their hard earned money on a penny stock.

Anywho, thanks for allowing me to outswim the other guys. When I bumped into the rubber ceiling, as it were, I figgered no outcome but 'parently 'somebody'  got through the molecular quarkdom of the latex bondos and managed to slip the old hotel room key in the little battery operated box on the front door and presto chango somebody's late.

Mmmm. Anything else... lemme see... nope I think that's about it so Thank you for shopping at HaulMart. Come again.


-The Damagement 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:29 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 16 April 2007 1:32 PM EDT
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I taught you how to moon. You taught me how to mambo.
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: 'Chateau Barnyard' Sophisticated taste wasted on domesticated animals.

It's nice to see people read and learn. It does dearly fill me with happiness as I know once they read and begin reading further they will end up making the same inferences and assumptions most common folk would.

If there were some other interpretation of the information we see in an increasing stream every day over the past seven years of Vertical Computer Systems operation.

Here's their logo (Yippeeee Hoorayyy Yip Yip Yip Yahoooo!!!)

just to let you have no where my allegiance can be found as I am long VCSY and VCSY is long high technology. Meaning I own VCSY stock only with no relationships or contacts with the company or associated companies in any way shape or form.

I am simply stoked about their technology concerning which somebody in the US Patent Office screwed up and granted VCSY patents. Like I said, read Raging Bull VCSY.

Do not buy until you read the company filings as a first course. VCSY is an example of a development company at a 'startup' level. The speculations voiced by most longs is based on a read of the patent documents and the 'Emily' (Markup Language Exectutive (MLE)) Whitepaper available for a short time in 2000 from VCSY/EmilySolutions before their activities with IBM and Micrsoft in 2001.

Read the filings to know what those activities are before you begin reading any speculation. This is your money you are either going to win or lose. Be sure you know what you are buying and why you are buying. My confidence in the technology has produced nothing measurable in revenue for VCSY since introduction in 2000.

Could I be completely wrong about what I have speculated exists within and around VCSY? I could be, but, I sincerely doubt I am wrong. I may not be able to describe and elephant when I see one , but, when you can call out 'There's an elephant moving through the foliage.' and nobody sees it, that's one thing. Maybe he gots his cammies on. But in any safari I've ever heard about, if somebody says 'Elephant!' and a majority of the viewers turn their binoculars in that direction and ooohh and aahhhh, one can assume there might actually be an elephant out there or at least a tank that looks like an elephant.

That or they all et the wongawonga berries and won't come to reality until Wade tells them it was all a dream and tomorrow they will start selling a couple boxes of used video equipment they had in the basement, kicking off their 'Vertical Computers: 'The rest is in the back yard' sale.

Sandals and knee kickers half off.

I would be first in there looking for a king size buttkicker. But, I HAVE been looking for some stuff that would make me want to hit the 'AUTO' button on the buttkicker just to punish me for buying so much so early (since 2001 call me impetuous. Rasta Impetuous Rooster) and I can't find any.

I don't think we can say VCSY is in stealth operation and not understand stealth in a development company (at least the companies who understand the industrial espionage threats and activate accordingly) demands that the stealth extend to the business at hand. Development periods are large cash wells. I have been wondering where VCSY would be able to do what they are doing and what they appear to be doing and not show any income.

My brain wracked for quite some time. Like, a whole day or something. And, as hiding contracts or revenue flow within a corporation would be illegal, I would be certain Wade hasn't come all this way to hide money and get his corporation taken away from him. I know that's wishful thinking on some folk's part, but it's not realistic. I would more readily use Wade's old boss (Charles Feeney General Atlantic) methods as a model and look for philanthropy to facilitate VCSY technology development in stealth mode. THAT should bring a howl of indignant protest from the habitual and compulsive trash talkers?

Vertical Computer Systems VCSY.OB is a stealth operation company because of the ongoing entanglement in their law suit against Chinadotcom (CHINA)/Ross Systems (ROSS).

The shareprice sucks. Yep. You got me there. VCSY.OB . But, when you know there are three extremely valuable patents owned by VCSY and that's ALL you know, I guess the more conservative investor is right in saying you should wait until the company shows considerable revenue before jumping in. In fact, they have been quoted as saying the 'wait for a dollar' strategy would be much more dependable.

That's up to you. One would have to wonder why so many 'conservative investors' sit on a discussion board such as the RB VCSY board and work so diligently to convince you to not invest your hard earned money on the VCSY 'SCAM'. That is what they called it not too very long ago.

Read a few posting histories of the infamous and you'll quickly see what VCSY longs on Raging Bull and other boards endured for years. YEARS! From people who owned anominal number of share (one had $204 worth of stock and he posted every day for years). Mental cases or mens rea cases? I guess we'll see once the VCSY longs get some pocket change from rounding off their share distributions to even thousands.

The outstanding shares too large? It's an artifact of the 20 for 1 forward split February 14, 2000. I believe Wade did the split to blow the float up so large there could be no market-based takeover by hostile operatives.

If Wade has what we think describes the elephant he's riding on, that almost a billion share float will distribute volatility in the shares owned by the principals and importantly a large base of shareholders holding and accumulating since 2000 of which I am one.

VCSY pronouncements in 2000 are mirrored in many things found recently regarding places Vertical technology may be shadowed. 

If you want to find out what speculation about VCSY is before RB finds out about what has been dug up out of the potato field, apply within You'll think you done died and gone to VCSY speculation heaven... or hell depending on your attitude regarding the company.

For those of you who sold your Vertical shares in 2000 I want to sincerely offer my condolences. I am sorry you lost your money. You certainly may have an understandable reason to be bitter about losing that money and thinking you were cheated depending on which side of the fence blame may be placed for the decline in VCSY shareprices from 2000 onward. I think you may find after only a small bit of reading VCSY was under attack during 2000 that almost brought the company down. If you could run a marathon with a couple thugs pounding on your legs then I guess Wade should have just sucked it up and trudged on ahead with full-open visibility. I don' tthink you could run a company as well as Wade has demonstrated. Of course, it's 'What have you done for me lately?' in this shareholder/sharecropper world. But one thing we can be sure about in this world is: VCSY did not die.

Those of us who held on since then have every right to celebrate a hard earned win. I hope you will not find it necessary to p on the parade with moans and groans about how you wish you had known sooner? or why didn't anybody tell you? and what's the next buy-in point and why? You coulda we woulda you shoulda.

Some of us will be bitterly bitter (not me, I just want to spread some literary empathy from the writer - I can feel your pain brother. I can almost hear your cries of anguish sister. Don't kick the dog.), though, for being left behind.

But I think responsibility should always go where it belongs.

On you. 

Face facts. You weren't left behind. Somebody convinced you to leave.

Now that you're back I hope you can get 'stoodied up' as the spring breakers say, 'prayed up' as the fundamentalists say and 'koolaid up' as the JimJonesers might say. You have a lot of catching up to do. Good luck with all that.

Newbies to the Vertical story: What others tell you, verify for yourself. Ask questions of the folks on Raging Bull. You will know who is telling you truth and who is pumping bilge and sediment.

And one more thing. If you don't have a sense of humor, screw you. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 5:04 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 17 April 2007 12:44 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 April 2007
Another day another divot
Mood:  special

 I decided to make this response to an email a RagingBull reader made to the VCSy investor relations department (such as it is) part of the disclaimer so you will know where you will eventually be able to go to to (heh heh I said 'to to') get legal information about Vertical Computers. I'm legal just not very pretty and polished. Others are not so legal. They also are not very pretty and it looks like somebody polished them with a cheese grater.

 This posted response is important to VCSY longs because it indicates a period of operating in 'stealth mode' for almost five (5) years is coming to an end... hopefully.

 At least it says so here and one thing you have to say about CEO Wade the guy does not say something unless he means to say it

 Over five years worth of silence has been hard but I trust justified given the extraordinary attempts we've seen over the years at taking VCSY down. We can only surmise it would be to get to that technology store they have.

 Oh, what? You don't believe in 'stealth mode'? What are you, a moron? Here's an example of a technology company in 'stealth mode': .

 I don't know anything about this particular pdf content or the companies. I only know that the founders are ex Microsoft executives and claim to have been in stealth mode for the past five (5) years. Oh does THAT make 'stealth mode' a little more credible now? It's the mode Microsoft is currently in after years of shoosting off their mouthparts and saying all kinds of outlandish and incorrect things.

 Incredible how narrowly some of you people think.

  (And by the way, just because I HAVE colored letters doesn't mean I know how to USE colored letters. See?)

By: pussim 10 Apr 2007, 11:04 AM EDT  Msg. 181257 of 181257


Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:02:02 -0500 (CDT)

From: "Investor Relations" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Re: share structure

Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning Vertical Computer Systems,
Inc. and its subsidiaries.

In an effort to be more responsive to our shareholders and inquiries of
potential investors, we are currently in the process of putting
together a collection of your questions with our answers, which we will post
to the website for everyone once we have completed our review of the

Please note that due to company policies and legal restrictions, we
cannot provide any answers which would give inside information. For
example, if you are asking us about a rumor of a potential agreement, please
be advised that we do not comment on rumors or even pending deals. In
the event we enter into a partnership or agreement that is material, we
will issue a press release making such announcement.

In the meantime we very much appreciate your patience in bearing with
us and please also check the following resources:

Press Releases (, which contain all
announcements made by VCSY

SEC filings ( Many
questions people have emailed to us contain answers that can be found in
our filings. If you have not already done so, we recommend you read
our 10-KSB report first, and then our most recent 10-QSB reports. Please
also check 8-K Reports which contain material events.

FAQs page (, which provides
information concerning our stock symbol, the market we are traded on, our
transfer agent and so forth.

In addition, please use the following guidance in finding out more
about our Company before sending an email:

Litigation. Any changes in litigation are updated with each SEC
report. If a significant and material event occurred during a quarter such as
a settlement or a dismissal of an action, we would make file an 8-K
Report and/or issue a Press Release to that effect, as circumstances

Partnerships. We typically issue Press Releases concerning our
marketing partners. Our more important partnerships may be featured in our
10-KSB or included in a 10-QSB or an 8-K report.

Technology. Many inquires concern our proprietary technology (i.e.
patents) or licenses. These are generally updated in the 10-KSB, 10-QSB,
an 8-K Report or by issuing a Press Release depending on the
significance of the event.

Sales. We typically issue Press Releases for significant new clients
of the company or a subsidiary.

Again, we very much appreciate your interest.

Thank you,

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:25 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 10 April 2007 12:28 PM EDT
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Monday, 2 April 2007
Secret Koolaid Recipe
Mood:  accident prone

 Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to direct your attention to the center of the web page.  Count to ten in whatever direction you may like and tell yourself 'This is just a dream. This is just a dream.' Now, depending on whether you closed your eyes when you did that please line up on the left (your left) side of the page. Others to the right please. Watch the edge.

 I am who you think I am if you're thinking I'm like Chicken Man which,as many may attest, was at one time 'everywhere. everywhere.'.

 So I am. Without this machination I would have been reduced to buzzard poop long ago but for a few faithful friends and followers who wandered with Rasta Ranger throughout the wilderness of bummed out aspirations. We few have grown to a noticed number and we're been outliving our current living spaces at ProgrammersHeaven

Our collective experience in owning stock in Vertical Computer Systems has forged a socialized network of 'longs' meaning we are all 'long' VCSY stock. Wallstreet jargon where 'long' does not have the same connotations as someone from the farmland might.

Nevertheless, despite our  prurient lust for antiquities in pointed p2p prose we have intended all along to maintain a strict code of 'if you can't cut it and paste it don't talk about it'. But when you get a cut and paste that just cries out by itself to be made??? You paste that mutha and burn the barn down because it is truth... albeit in different roles in different stages.

 So we supply speculations. We are all Spartacus and any one of us may assume their own and varied long demonstrations of exuberance and elation, as it were, should we all come to enjoy a communion of spirits in being lifted to the spire of having been... dare I say it? Dast I would? Would I woo? Would I coocheecoocheekoo?

 Sure. Right.

 Look around and think but don't touch that trading button until you're sure you're acting with your own thoughts and not mine or say sirius or baveman or rapidrobert.

 If you don't know those names you got some serious catching up to do.

 Put the comic books away and prepare to meet your future whether you like it or not. If you like it you can profit. If not, you're gonna hate Thursdays. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:54 PM EDT
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Saturday, 31 March 2007
Don't mind me. Just putting up my portable death ray shield.
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I was just going to change the topic on this thing from Off the Wall Speculation to The DISCLAIMER but I looked at the title of the article posted originally on this post (before I went back and edited it - the date is down at the bottom, noodnick - I trust Lycos keeps backups) and 'Host not found' made me think of James Gray the unfortunate Microsoft expert in distributed transactional computing who sailed off to where there be dragons.

And then I thought. No. Could be about a parasite looking for a dwelling and finding it in the stomach of a cow. And not a very productive cow at that. Of course, you don't want to eat that parasite so you don't eat the cow. But while the parasite is there whatgood is the cow? Smelly. Poopy. Stuff green stuff in one end and get brown on the process end? Great. OK the brown stuff is useful for cabbage patching but what else do you do with it until it dries into a useful form? GACK.

 And Methane (and you have to say it 'me-thain' like the brits do or it isn't hauf as funny) my god the Methane. We shall be roasting Al Gore's bollocks on the sidewalk it's so damn hot.

 So I don't have a clue what this article is about because I don't have the energy to scroll any further frankly. Aside from some tragic accident involving Merve Griffin and Weslie Snipes I have no interest beyond prurience and pockets.

To wit: 

Host not found,,2046545,00.html#article_continue
Dissidents must be protected from internet censorship, argues Hari Kunzru in an essay for a PEN anthology, Another Sky.

Saturday March 31, 2007
The Guardian

"Sometimes the 'Don't be evil' policy leads to many discussions about what exactly is evil. One thing we know is that people can make better decisions with better information. Google is a useful tool in people's lives. There are extreme cases, we're told, when Google has saved people's lives." Sergey Brin, Google founder, interviewed in Playboy, September 2004

As the internet enters its second decade as a mass medium, it's worth looking back at one of the old saws that was bandied around in the covered-wagon days, when Californian sages made gnomic pronouncements about the future and the rest of the world repeated them at dinner parties. "The net treats censorship as damage and routes around it." These are the words of John Gilmore, radical libertarian, Sun Microsystems employee number five and bona fide west-coast guru-gazillionaire, and for much of the last 10 years they've been repeated as part of the founding story of the internet, along with a gloss about the net's inception as a military communications network designed to withstand partial destruction by nuclear attack.

more at above URL


What the... knucklear attack? I better get my Bell helmet and my gomer goggles and head down to the bastement. I got a feeling the turkey's gonna blow up in the mikerwave any minute... spittooee 

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Friday, 9 March 2007
Feel the braille dots here:
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In case people can't seem to think for themselves and need a disclaimer, let me tell you skraight up.


I own shares in VCSY and I do not own shares in any other company I offer opinions on. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:23 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 8 April 2007 12:05 AM EDT
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