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VCSY - A Laughing Place #2
Friday, 19 October 2007
The purloined credibility...
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: (Box Canyon) Varmints ride into a rift and remain there.
Topic: Integroty
I have not altogether decided to crank the blog up again as I have always intended it to be a snapshot for reference as we look in hindsight.
However, an event occured recently that underscores suspicions we VCSY longs have had for quite some time extending back more than five years.
This event cries out for a resolution as it calls into question the validity of many many posts made on Raging Bull that appear to be the work of payed posters who have access to the Lycos system to manipulate posts.
As you can imagine, this causes the average poster to view the message board system and the Lycos/Raging Bull company in a very suspicious light given the magnitude of abusive posts defaming the VCSY company, its management, the stock and those who own the stock.
As per the disclaimer here, this blog is in no way connected with VCSY or any of its principals or operations or any associates. It is the sole work of myself posting here as rastamafoo.
A poster on the VCSY message board at Raging Bull managed to make a post, delete it as unsatisfactory (for some reason) then he posted again, replacing the original post #200328. The problem here is that an oridinary poster on Raging Bull is not supposed to have the ability to delete posts.
Here is the evidence copied from the original posts:
By: rheemer1
17 Oct 2007, 05:27 PM EDT
Msg. 200328 of 200328
(This msg. is a reply to 200319 by divrjes.)

Jump to msg. #  
divrjes, You are so full of it.... ther is nothing HAPPEN!!

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Hold; LT Rating- Hold)
This is the post that took the place of 200328
By: rheemer1
17 Oct 2007, 05:30 PM EDT
Msg. 200328 of 200328
(This msg. is a reply to 200326 by stillwtr19.)

Jump to msg. #  
Still, I'll answer your question when you and the pumper sqwad answer mine?
It would help to know the question first!

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Buy; LT Rating- Buy)
I would think the easy thing for the poster to do at the time would be to claim it as a "technical glitch" as was the usual "explanation" these suspected connected posters would make. But, apparently caught off-guard, "rheemer1" made a fantastic claim that the posts were somehow "faked".
That seems to be his story and he's sticking to it, although an associate of his claims it to be a simple case of the first post being "TOSsed" meaning a result of a reported violation of the Terms Of Service (TOS) for the board.
Notice the posts are three minutes apart. A TOS violation report must first be made by a reader and the RB Moderator must read that report and respond by reviewing the reported post and deciding whether to take action or not. Three minutes is a very short period of time indeed. Plus, if you will read the first post, you will notice there is nothing in the post to violate the TOS. This means the Raging Bull Moderator for the VCSY board would have no actionable reason to TOSs the post.
The associate would have a reasonable point except for the time involved and the fact that the post does not constitute a TOS violation. Take that in light of the fact rheemer1 claims the post is "faked" by someone who wants to embarass him and the episode takes on a three stooges act.
HOWEVER, this is one of a large number of examples of deleted posts which, by studying copies of the posts made before they were deleted, indicate certain posters are able to make outlandish comments about VCSY with indicated impunity, then remove the posts when complaints arise.
In some situations many selected posts of particular poster names are deleted.
This facility would serve a planted poster with an agenda to damage conversation about the company well. We VCSY longs apparently now have direct evidence this sort of thing can be done.
That raises large concerns about the trustworthiness of a message forum like Raging Bull and the VCSY board on Raging Bull specifically.
I will attempt to keep the reader updated on the progress of this situation as several VCSY longs have forewarded the above examples of the post and their various complaints to the Raging Bull parent company and VCSY principals.
I think the following post by a VCSY long states the issue well for the general long attitude:
end of message (eom)
PS - I apologize for the distorted dimensions of the posts as pasted. This blog site interprets the HTML as copied from Raging Bull pages in an odd way, but, I chose not to modify the post to demonstrate to the user this is a true cut and paste from Raging Bull.
Of course, rheemer1 claims the first item was a total fabrications and it is up to the reader to believe as they may choose. Discovery into the Raging Bull archival system will indicate what actually happened.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:11 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 19 October 2007 8:17 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 17 July 2007
Pooky Pie on Steroids
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Steroid Steel - Body builder notices soft spot at top of head is spreading
Topic: Integroty

I said it before and I'll say it again.


I would also think if Microsoft were so confident about their ability to fight this 744 patent fight, they would have given their response more visibility.

You know, like, encourage the troops with a demonstration of fighting spirit so the partners can tell they really should navigate toward the web services sea instead of setting the Captain adrift for stringing them along for so long.

If you've done any readign on the patents you're likely to be saying "Hell, that covers every aspect of computer construction on the web." and you would be right, sir or madam as the case may be.

BUT. There's one problem with your kneejerk response of 'too broad' or 'too obvious' and that's Microsoft's Friday evening filing of a response to VCSY's lawsuit that covers the web ecology patent 744. they disagree with your assertion by default. They aren't challenging the content or validity of the technology so the 'bull$#!@' tag that was thrown over VCSY stuff on this board last year is in the dumpster where it belonged all along.

You sorely misinformed those who read your thoughts.

It's going to cost all these trusting loyal partners some heartbreak and broken promises moments and years. I hope they can forgive that sort of betrayal. Delay delay delay their entry into the web arena... why, because Microsoft was afraid to have to face the 744 issue in public. So they waited because that's better than stepping out there and having to face it early?

Pretty sad legacy here for what Bill Gates' is leaving Microsoft shareholders holding. A wizard who can't float his own hot air balloons and a cowardly lion who can't face his own partners? Is Buffet the one without the heart? Is Gates the one without the brain?

So, like it or not, 744 covers web applications of all kinds and that covers web-operating systems.

And if they don't work out that imbroglio out they can't get to 521 which covers web-facing data trans-processes.

So. Hmmm. VCSy price is rock steady like it's been coming up to this day. Everybody's holding tight waiting for an announcement.

Microsoft... what's the price been doing with Microsoft's history of stock price? Holding flat for how many years? The market saying 'Show us something and we'll get excited.' MSFT saying 'Yeah, but you're really going to love what we put out when we finally produce something. hee hee' ... then telling pretty-partner to turn around and take it like a chump and not even an apology. Stupid partners. Didn't you know all this web services thing wasn't a fad. Just like you followed Bill Gates when he told you the internet was a fad. Are you all just legless sheep unable to move if you had a thought come across your mind?

Sounds like true love.

And Microsoft, bragging about their 'rights' would love to show you their long history of innovation but it's buried up to the hilt in partner pooh. But, HEY, We're all set to prove this bogus patent is bogus, like, if we... have to. We'll pull it out and reveal it for sure! Just you wait!

Yeah. That inspires safe and secure confidence like a prophylactic on a wedgie machine.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:09 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Excuse me, are these seats taken?
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: 'Gang aWay' Family arrives just in time to board last boat off the island. (Travel / Adventure)
Topic: Integroty

This is utterly laughable and disgusting all at the same time. And you nitwits sit there with a thumb up the pie like Little Jack.

One would think Microsoft would have some sort of accountability with their own public and shareholders, but, I guess when you're that big, you can do as you pretty damn well please.

I DOOOOO wonder what is headed Microsoft's way.

By: Texas_Star
29 May 2007, 03:27 PM EDT
Msg. 186224 of 186227 

MSFT "Insider Selling" accelerating fast!

Some notes:

1. Bill Gates has SOLD roughly 20,000,000 shares THIS month.

2. BACH ROBERT J has SOLD roughly 20% of his shares THIS month.

3. Over 40,000,000 shares SOLD by insiders in last 6 months.

4. ZERO shares purchased by insiders in last 6 months.

5. VCSY filed a lawsuit against MSFT just last month.

Hmmmmmm! Very interesting I'd say!



Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:52 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2007 3:52 PM EDT
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Saturday, 26 May 2007
So I see this guy standing in the crosswalk and then I hear this 'bump bump'.
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: 'Muckmuck Does Manhattan' Caveman barricades one way street at intersection.
Topic: Integroty

Worth reading because it indicates Microsoft is not sitting as pretty as they would appear to want everyone out in the Linux FUD world as they would surely like. Here are excerpts of interest but worth having in the hopper for reference as we move forward.

Did Microsoft get their money's (and reputation's) worth in this deal with Novell? Perhaps not. In fact, they may have tied themselves to a rolling stone headed for a cliff. 

May 26th, 2007

Novell publishes details on its Microsoft patent deal

Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 8:43 am Categories: Corporate strategy, Legal, Linux, Novell Tags: Novell Inc., Patent, Agreement, Microsoft Corp., GPLv3, SuSE, Mary Jo Foley


Novell has posted ... redacted versions of the company’s patent, business and technology agreements with Microsoft, ...

Novell officials said ... they would post these documents before the end of May.

If the final version of GPLv3 contains terms or conditions that interfere ... Microsoft may cease to distribute SUSE Linux coupons in order to avoid the extension of its patent covenants ...

So now it’s even more obvious why Microsoft has been throwing around the “235 patents infringed by open source” claim. Novell is confirming that Microsoft may have to stop distributing SuSE Linux coupons if the Free Software Foundation’s General Public License (GPL) version 3 goes through with the current patent language in place.

Having to eliminate ...  would hurt Microsoft’s campaign to convince other open-source vendors to sign similar deals. It also wouldn’t make Microsoft look too good to the handful of large corporate customers...

More at URL 

This deal between Microsoft and Novell is not as advantageous and ironclad as Microsoft wants everyone to think. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:58 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 26 May 2007 4:12 PM EDT
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You shouldn't have. No, really. You shouldn't have.
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: 'Why Didn't You Tell Me You Was a Miner?' Angst and delirium in marketing underworld. (Comedy/Home Shopping)
Topic: Integroty

Hokey smokes. If it's not one problem it's another with these people! What now?

PDC R.I.P. Means 'What?'

Joe Wilcox

May 25, 2007 12:06 PM

Jeepers Creepers, Microsoft has unexpectedly canceled its 2007 Professional Developer Conference. "Say what?," you say.

In the past, Microsoft aligned developer conferences around new operating system releases—with Windows Server 2008 being the right candidate and the right time, given Microsoft's stated intentions to deliver the software this year.

My reaction: PDC cancellation likely foreshadows a delay in Windows Server 2008 release to manufacturing. Microsoft already delayed "Viridian" virtualization software, which is closely tied to Windows Server 2008. It's hardly a stretch to presume, with PDC's cancellation, something is amiss with Windows Server 2008.

With many businesses holding back Office 2007 and Windows Vista deployments for Windows Server 2008, any delay could have far-reaching impact. If there is no server software delay, there is the question of what does the cancellation mean?

For one, the timing is terrible. Apple's developer confernce is just weeks away, where Mac OS X 10.5 will be front and center. Apple's planned release of the operating system is October, the same month as Microsoft's now cancelled developer conference. No doubt, Apple will make hay out of this mess.

We call on developers to tell us what you think of the PDC `07 cancellation. Maybe you are stunned and flabbergasted. Maybe you already were overwhelmed by Office 2007, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista testing—and the change is a relief. Whatever your reaction, please share it. For people that would like to be quoted in a future story on the topic, please offer a link to your Web site with your comment or use our Tips Mailbox, providing your name, profession, company and company e-mail address, with your comments.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:32 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 28 May 2007 12:49 PM EDT
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Friday, 25 May 2007
As long as he don't hit me I'm OK.
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: 'Running the Rhodes' Brainiacs come up with a novel way to weld metals together.
Topic: Integroty

Remember the 1950's game of 'chicken'? Similar to the ancient game of jousting on horseback, the game of chicken required nerves of steel and a complete ignorance of the laws of physics. Two drivers would race their cars at each other at scary speed for an impending head on collision. The first to turn away from that compacted fate was the 'chicken'.

That great idea was later discarded for the more reasonable method of racing around a treacherous turn... often dubbed "Dead Man's Curve". This method proved the drivers ability to control the turn which typically killed other chicken drivers in the chicken race.

The problem: There comes a point in the game where a turn is pointless and in fact simply compounds the injury.

Anyone who's played the game of chicken knows the terror in it is a predictable problem of mass, momentum and Newton's laws on trajectory of mass in motion. A last moment 'chicken out' turn usually ended in disaster far worse than the head on collision. No matter how fast the reflexes, no matter how agile the car, a turn executed at high speed usually ended in the chicken car rolling over, partially ejecting the driver (no self-respecting chicken-driver would use a seatbelt even if they were available) who was then mashed into chicken meat pate' by the car.

Racing Chickens had cool suits

May 24, 2007
Robert Scoble

Microsoft postpones PDC

Mary Jo Foley (she’s been covering Microsoft for a long time) has the news: Microsoft has postponed the PDC that it had planned for later this year.

The PDC stands for “Professional Developer’s Conference.” It happens only when Microsoft knows it’ll have a major new platform to announce. Usually a new version of Windows or a new Internet strategy.

So, this means a couple of things: no new Windows and no major new Internet strategy this year.

More at URL 

Here's an interesting observation from the previously annointed "unoffical blogger for Microsoft" Robert Scoble: "Now that Google, Amazon, Apple, are shipping platforms that are more and more interesting to Microsoft’s developer community Microsoft has to play a different game. One where they can’t keep showing off stuff that never ships. The stakes are going up in the Internet game and Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a good answer to what’s coming next."

Richard Wade (aka Silent Dick aka Pooky Pie) has demonstrated he has the patience to keep the brick on the gas and the wheel tied to the door handle.

Steve Ballmer (aka MuckMuck the Magnificent aka Loud Mouth Leroy) has demonstrated he doesn't know the difference between a radio knob and a brake.

We can only hope there's an adult somewhere in the crowd.

Hungry Chicken In Public Relations Disaster

Color me Roadkill


And another fascinating observation from Robert (Bob Bob Bobbin') Scoble:

"The last few PDCs haven’t exactly been huge successes, though. Hailstorm was announced at one and later was killed. Longhorn was announced at another and later was delayed and many things that were shown off were later killed too."

So, what's the potential casualty here this years cancelled PDC would have ruined? Microsoft's reputation? What's the codename for that? "BakedSkunk"? "CrispyCookedChicken"? "WrinkledWinky"? Project "RoomTempTapioca"? Anyone have any good ideas for a codename for this current Microsoft project? Maybe something simple like Project "Avoidance"?

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:02 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 25 May 2007 1:04 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 23 May 2007
How could the black car have run over you when you have yellow paint down your back?
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: 'Wichita Which' Man with amnesia wakes up in corn field with pants around ankles. (Season Shocker)
Topic: Integroty

Hmmm. Somebody thinks it's clever to put out conflicting signals. You want conflicting signals? OK.

Looks like Microsoft is as far away from complete as 'in part' could possibly be.

May 23rd, 2007

Microsoft says false alarm: No XP SP3 this year

Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 2:46 pm

Sorry, Windows XP fans. It looks like the “end of 2007″ date for XP Service Pack (SP) 3 that was in a Microsoft press release issued this week was mistake.

At the end of the (east coast) day on May 23, a Microsoft spokeswoman provided the following update:

“I just received additional information from the product manager responsible for SP3.  While we’re still not talking specifics, he did point to the following link as an accurate timeline for our preliminary plans for SP3:  Again, these are just preliminary and we will share more at a later date. Please do reference this link for current timing and disregard the release from InterOp, which is inaccurate.”

So it looks like XP SP3 is still — as of today — a “first half of 2008″ deliverable.


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 6:16 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 May 2007 6:23 PM EDT
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Monday, 21 May 2007
Depending on the size of the hole, we'll have a pool, a pond or a lake.
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: 'Plummeting Pullet' Chicken ranch gets wiped out by asteroid strike. (Physics/Cooking)
Topic: Integroty

Nuff said. I wonder what remedy they've chosen. Starve the herd?
By Justin Lahart

The tech company that really seems to be enjoying Microsoft's new operating system is Apple.

The Cupertino, Calif., computer maker has used Microsoft's Vista, introduced in November for businesses and January for consumers, as an opportunity to make hay over the self-proclaimed superiority of the operating system in its own Macs. Microsoft doesn't agree with that message, noting it has shipped 40 million copies of Vista for consumers. Still, Apple has the hotter hand. Mac sales were up 35% in the first quarter versus a year earlier. PC sales were up by 9%, according to research firm Gartner...

More at URL

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 5:44 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 21 May 2007 5:45 PM EDT
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When 'Yes, we don't do that' means leave and don't look back.
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: 'Disgusting Dainties' Nothing left to chance or imagination on laundry day. (Criminal)
Topic: Integroty

I Call BULL$#!@

This makes me want to just puke. Duplicitous, half-baked, know-nothings and sycophants trying to "frame the discussion" when everybody else finished that topic months and years ago.

Absolutely nauseating. 


Interoperability an enterprise reality, claims Microsoft
Posted by Nicole Kobie in Seattle at 1:43PM, Monday 21st May 2007
Convergence, heterogeneous systems and security hurdles mean even competing IT firms must work together to keep their programs working.

IT companies must work together to develop interoperable systems in the face of convergence and security burdens, according to innovation leaders at Microsoft.

Speaking at a press conference at the company's US campus in Redmond, representatives said that enterprise needs IT firms to collaborate to ensure interoperability (Why? Because interoperability isn't something Microsoft does with the outside world even though they DID tell you their file systems were all "interoperable". Don't you remember that?) trends convergence, heterogeneous IT systems, virtualisation, public sector projects and security needs have all made interoperability and collaboration necessary to survive (" It wasn't quite like this last year when we had control.").

"It wasn't that long ago that 'interoperability' and 'heterogeneous' were words you'd never hear from someone at Microsoft (excuse me ladies and gentlemen but how long have I, your host with the most, been telling you that...? Congratulations. Microsoft has finally seen fit to tell you numbskulls the dirty truth.)," said group product manager Margaret Dawson. "It's the reality for enterprise now."

("Reality"? No $#!@? Is that right? Interoperability is a "reality" that they haven't been working on at Microsoft? Haven't been considering the impact in IT providers partnered with Microsoft? What happened to the vaunted 'interoperability is in the file' strategy? Didn't work, did it? What a transparent bunch of hoots MSFT are now. Laugh out loud foolish and your clients will have to pick up the tab to enable you to do it, is that right? Let's all share the burden. LOL Beans and weinies in a bubbling pot.)

The need for interoperability has pushed (THERE's the magic words. Nobody pushed them to do anything about it before. "Why do you make me screw up like this? It's not fair... waaahhhh.") Microsoft to partner with companies they also compete with - something Dawson termed "co-opatition". (Some of us call it copulation but it all depends on who's definition you use.)

Recently, the software giant announced it was working with competitor OpenOffice, to develop tools to increase interoperability between the two document formats. (Hmmm. Finally getting the message I see.)

The increasing convergence of software, hardware and telecommunication systems means applications, devices and processes must be compatible. "You can't have that [convergence] unless different companies work together (or Microsoft agrees to work with other companies)," said Tom Robertson, the general manager for standards at Microsoft.

In addition, enterprises are shifting to heterogeneous IT systems, where they pick and mix solutions from a variety of vendors (arbitrary) to find the right price or tool for their own specific needs. In turn, vendors need to ensure their products work with their partners and competitors alike, or risk being frozen out of enterprise contracts.

(Poor BABIES! You mean all you software developers didn't know the sandbags MSFT was putting up around the moat were not to keep folks out but to keep you IN? Say it ain't so!) 

Virtualisation, another top IT trend, will also bring challenges (as soon as we can catch up). As programs from different vendors are being used on the same hardware, companies must ensure interoperability, Robertson said.

Governments and the public sector bring another twist (you mean like a Texas Titty-Twister?) to interoperability, as IT systems increasingly feature in policy. For example, Robertson said that as healthcare records in Europe are digitised, they must be accessible in any country, regardless of the operation system or application being used. IT Solutions will need to be able to translate and read data from competing systems (or employ a system that provides for virtualization and arbitration).

Speaking about improvements to security in Microsoft products, principle security program manager Michael Howard said that tightening controls and defences in operating systems will have repercussions for externally developed applications.

"All these defences we have in place are going to affect other applications, so we need to work together," Howard said.

Kum buy ya my Lord Kum buy ya. Somebody's getting their butt kicked, Lord. Kum buy ya...

If you nitwits could come up with a way of virtualizing all your applications and arbitrating the differences between them... and that's with ALL... not just Microsoft applications, you might actually gain some respect from your industry.

As it is, your management has lead you to the point where you will have to work three times as hard as anybody else to come up with something half as useful.

Hoooey. That's the most polite term I can come up with for this bunch of past time nose rubbers. And for those of you who don't read big words very often like "interoperablility" why don't you try this one for starters:

duplicitous adj. Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:30 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 May 2007 2:30 AM EDT
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Thursday, 3 May 2007
So run around the mountain one more time and we'll call it a workout.
Mood:  smelly
Now Playing: 'Fatty Behind Deposits' Artful dodger Bigamus 'Fatty' Behind waits for Godot in Gollywood.
Topic: Integroty

Methinks there's a pot of soup bubbling in the IBM cauldron and some people are upset they won't get to eat any.

Please consider the comments attached to the following post and draw your own conclusions. Timeframe is right, isn't it, children? 

Bessy Mae is gonna recompany me on the autoharpy. Key o' G, lil' darlin'.

Central to the discussion at hand is whether Charles Northrup patents describing a "virtual network" impact VCSY's work describing virtual operating systems, virtual applications and the virtualization elements necessary for effective distribution of those virtual assets. I believe it complements that work. And why IBM is addressed for questions about this... I don't know.

To wit:

"Equinom now has an exclusive license to Charlie's PDCX protocol ...which it's renamed PeerEdge. PeerEdge is a networking platform that melds the concepts of P2P, grid computing and web services into a single broadband network services environment for SMS, VOIP, transactional web services and systems and applications integration.

Equinom CEO Tim Negris points out that... With PeerEdge, the content stays with the owner. It doesn't get stashed on some server somewhere.... "

And Charles Northrup is neck deep in corn. Maybe that's why the chickens are pecking. 

Background on Charles J. Northrup: 

And an illuminating excerpt:

"Most big companies faced with similar patent "problems" buy out the patent holder, as Oracle did this summer (2001) with Strategic Processing (a company that owned a key patent for "online marketplaces"). Other companies keep going without worrying, confident that a small company or individual with a patent won't be able to afford the time or money it takes to keep up the patent continuation filings and legal battles."

Well, now, I don't know about you but, to my way of thinking, that could be real risky move especially when one of your larger competitors could work out some creative move that lets them take advantage of the patent content without having to disclose the use until much later... after you've gone and knitted your dicky all the way up past your ears.

What's that you say granny?


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 2:10 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 3 May 2007 3:39 PM EDT
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