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Apple Fritters
Chinadotcom and VCSY
DD to da RR
Microsoft and VCSY
Nobody Can Be That Stupid
Notable Opinions
Off the Wall Speculation
Pervasive Computing
The Sneaky Runarounds
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VCSY / NOW Solutions
VCSY - A Laughing Place #2
Saturday, 13 February 2010
Rats in the Cradle
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Topic: DD to da RR
Looks like the anti-VCSY crowd is up against a mass of longs who know the facts and can't be steamrolled as on other stock discussion boards.

As you can see the strategy to attempt to discredit VCSY management and shareholders is to make outlandish and slanderous statements, then to try to duck away and laugh it all off. This kind of behaviour has been going on for almost ten years from the same individual.

What does that make you think?

You should also consider the full range of such a poster's motivations.

Additional instances:

By: 4sirius2  
15 Feb 2010, 10:51 PM EST 
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Msg. 264495 of 264501 
(Reply to 264244 by mrrrfk
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Mrrfk and links to yelling "Bankrupt" just on the IBM board 
under a few aliases. 

Mrrfk asked for links to my statement that he yelled "Bankrupt
on various boards. In a few minutes I supplied a link to him 
saying GE would be bankrupt in 2 years. Now I have about a 
dozen links with 3 different aliases he used on the IBM board, 
Mmiirriirr, Whowhatwhywherewhen, and Reflect-on-this. 
Many of his other posts on the IBM board invoke the thought 
of "we are doomed" or "employees of this company will die of cancer." 

His handle of Piewhole is missing from that board, however he is 
addressed by that name by another VCSY investor, Portuno Diamo: 

Mirrorballz is not on the boards but we have this trace left: 

RB did not reinstate post on RB from it's inception to early 2003 
so we are missing various permutations of his handle for legofeel 
and others I may have overlooked or forgotten. 

Mmiirriirr 3 out of 15 posts on IBM board uses "Bankrupt" 

Whowhatwhywherewhen 4 out of 11 posts on IBM board uses "Bankrupt" 

Reflect-on-this 2 out of 4 posts on IBM board uses "Bankrupt" 

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By: 4sirius2  
15 Feb 2010, 11:00 PM EST 
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Msg. 264498 of 264501 
(Reply to 264495 by 4sirius2
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To post 264496: 

#18161 should read 

Reflect on this: posts 


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:37 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 15 February 2010 11:18 PM EST
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Plinking the Cat's Tail
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Topic: Apple Fritters

Play it again, Sam.

The name's Dave.

Darn. What bar is this?

Yes I've posted concerning this subject before and here it is again because I know you won't be able to find it. You'll just end up in the wrong place listening to the wrong tune again.

I finally get REST. Wow.

It's what you morons always do because you follow the word of "journalists" who do what the "businessmen" say so the "editors" will sign the check.

Meanwhile, all you ignorant saps spend millions for crap you'll just have to modernize.

And, might I add for the truly intransigent and stupid:

Three reasons that REST is not RPC

I've gotten several comments saying that, at the end of the day, REST is just RPC. That's wrong, for at least 3 very reasons: 1) Each unique state in your protocol state machine has its own URI. That's different from an RPC endpoint that maintains a black...


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:03 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 13 February 2010 2:02 AM EST
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Friday, 12 February 2010
Very Funny Mister Interlocutor
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Topic: Nobody Can Be That Stupid

Here's only one example of the double standards being practiced on financial message boards by users and operators.
By: mirror_shmuck
06 Jul 2004, 11:05 AM EDT
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Msg. 75257 of 120717
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GE will be bankrupt in 2 years. You heard it here first.

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- No Position; ST Rating- Strong Sell; LT Rating- Strong Sell)

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"I was just joking..." is the typical response of crooks when caught. It's to be expected nobody accused of a crime takes the accusation seriously. They only get serious when they talk to their lawyer.
"Whatever." is what they say when they've been caught.
It only takes a little exploration to find the truth. The problem with most people is they simply don't care enough to know truth.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 2:54 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 12 February 2010 3:32 PM EST
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010
You mean THIS little ol' place?
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Topic: Notable Opinions
Looks like our little buddy is nervous. Seeing the glare of headlights in the distance? heh heh heh 
By: mrrrfk
12 Jan 2010, 08:01 PM EST
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Msg. 261625 of 261635
(Reply to 261622 by tepe)
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Yeah, I'd love to hear from the SEC about this over-hyped POS. Portuno still has his PUMPING website up with all the BS (his own and other's) about VCSY that caused a lot of naive investors to lose money thinking they were investing in something world-changing. What a JOKE (unless you got tricked by those LIES for big bux.) I'll just point them to it LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- No Position; ST Rating- Strong Sell; LT Rating- Strong Sell)
Point away. I'm sure many will want to know why they didn't know any of this.
Read on pilgrim.
By: stillwtr19
12 Jan 2010, 07:55 PM EST
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Msg. 261624 of 261636
(Reply to 261618 by trixijude)
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trixijude it's good that we have informed shareholders thanks for the article. I was just taken back by how so many of you are actually standing up in this forum keeping the faith about the company after all these years cause we certainly need better communication, and all of us have said this in various ways yet some of the bashers never hear this message while distorting the truth about many of us. I get tired being attacked by these shareless posters, and often ask myself what in the heck is there incentive being here in the first place since they hold NO shares. I believe in our patents, but it is frustrating when the CEO "to present" has not capitalized and built shareholder value. So when I see shareholders still keeping the faith about their investment it's quite moving. glty

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Hold)
By: mrrrfk
12 Jan 2010, 08:25 PM EST
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Msg. 261635 of 261637
(Reply to 261632 by tbrog)
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Look at the pathetic losers begging 4s for more BS!!!! LMAO!

- - - - -
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You folks who got it up the butt from the mirrors and tepes of the world have only one recourse: legal fund.
By: mrrrfk  
12 Jan 2010, 08:57 PM EST 
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Msg. 261640 of 261641 
(Reply to 261634 by hionvcsy
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4s? 4s? please 4s, tell us a story, 4s? 4s? we need something to hope for, 4s? did a little birdie tell you something, 4s? something big, 4s? Big and juicy? Or just stinky? 


By: stillwtr19  
12 Jan 2010, 08:58 PM EST 
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Msg. 261641 of 261641 
(Reply to 261594 by trixijude
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This copy and pasted post is worth another go around!! 

Posted earlier by trixijude 

Mindpix Corporation Discovers Identity of Notorious Corporate Cyber Basher 
5:48p ET January 11, 2010 (GlobeNewswire) 
Mindpix Corporation, a Nevada Corporation (Pink Sheets:MPIX), would like to inform their valued shareholders that after years of being senselessly attacked on the internet financialsites of InvestorsHub and RagingBull by someone posting by the name Sky-King, that they have finally been able to identify the Cyber Basher. The basher, David W. Pippy, employee of the Illinois State Comptroller's office, is currently working in an administrative position for Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes. Most shocking was that the notorious Sky-King posted over 1550 times on the government computer during regular business hours with the alleged purpose of driving down the price of MPIX and other publicly traded companies. David Pippy's alter ego, Sky-King, was created on the InvestorsHub Chat Board on April 16, 2003 and has continued until he was confronted on December 15, 2009. 

"We were alerted by a press release on Jan. 4, 2010 (PSGI.News) that had been a target of Mr. Pippy. David Pippy, admitted according to the press release, that he was the Sky-King who posted on InvestorsHub. Upon discovery of this information I contacted Mr. Pippy at his office in Springfield, Illinois and once I identified myself, Mr. Pippy said he didn't want to talk to me. I also contacted legal counsel for the Comptroller's office and was told that they investigated Mr. Pippy's computer after other complaints and Mr. Pippy admitted to using it to post his comments. However, surprisingly, their office has elected to turn the matter over to the SEC instead of pursuing the matter further themselves," stated Thomas E. Aliprandi, Chairman of Mindpix. 

"We are elated to finally know who this basher is and can use this information for moving forward in a positive and productive manner. MPIX will pursue David Pippy, and anyone else involved, with all legal resources available," says Aliprandi. "I want to personally thank MPIX's shareholders and let them know that we are going to deal swiftly with this malicious attack and move on to new heights. We value your support." 

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Hold)

By: stockwabbit  
12 Jan 2010, 09:11 PM EST 
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Msg. 261645 of 261645 
(Reply to 261640 by mrrrfk
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Mirror...................he is telling you a story.

By: mrrrfk  
12 Jan 2010, 09:15 PM EST 
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Msg. 261646 of 261647 
(Reply to 261645 by stockwabbit
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Not much of a plot. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:31 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 January 2010 9:17 PM EST
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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Topic: Notable Opinions

(By narbytoes - replying to basher Al) Re: nothing is (royalty) FREE....... 

"Number of Partners in the Microsoft Partner Program: 360,000 
Number of Partners Affiliated with Microsoft: over 640,000 
Number of Partner Companies in the World: 1.3 million 
Percentage of Microsoft Revenue Stemming from Partners: 95 percent 

I dont recall these players being mentioned in your analysis of the license agreement. Why is that? 

Are you suggesting VCSY licensed the patent and subsequent/associated software to 1.3 million companies in a single fee? Interesting 
"Percentage of Microsoft Revenue Stemming from Partners: 95 percent" 

Wow,....I wonder if the agreement only covered in house use....roughly five percent of Microsoft's revenue. Theres really nothing in the statement to indicate otherwise. Thats pretty cheap cosidering what five percent amounts to...but then I wonder what 95 percent amounts to? 

We must assume 1.3 million companies would not have to pay 2.9 million. 

1 300 000 x 2 900 000 = 3 770 000 000 000. 

What is a sublicense I'm just playing around, mind you,...but microsoft provides indemnity to its partners regarding whats a reasonble sublicense fee to cover their arse. How bout 1500 dollars per company. If they all subscribe...1500 dollars? 

1.3 million x 1500 = one billion nine hundred fifty million 

Probably pie in the sky....but it has nothing to do with whatever discussion may otherwise occur about royalties. A sublicence is not a royalty. Is it? 

As far as royalties go...It seems reasonable VCSY would rather receive a percentage of the revenue from the developed use by the 1.3 million companies who partner with Microsoft...only a fraction of that revenue goes to Microsoft. That prospect would not be projected or reported in the civil settlement with Microsoft. This may or may not be the case...if it is may also apply to the agreement with InFinitek... 


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 11:31 AM EST
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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Topic: Notable Opinions

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 5:07 PM EST
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Microsoft and VCSY
For all new readers.
This is a sampling of a posting history to examine for Yahoo VCSY board:
19-Oct-09 06:51 pm to 22-Oct-09 10:23 am )
16-Sep-09 08:48 pm to 22-Sep-09 07:08 pm )
28-Aug-09 03:52 pm to 3-Sep-09 12:30 pm ) 
5-Aug-09 06:37 pm to 14-Aug-09 10:18 am )
18-May-09 01:11 pm to 19-May-09 11:45 pm ) 
2-Feb-09 08:54 pm to 7-Feb-09 03:45 pm
( )

30-Dec-08 09:49 am to 2-Feb-09 06:56 pm
( )

15-Dec-08 12:14 pm to 28-Dec-08 06:00 pm
( )

7-Dec-08 11:47 am to 15-Dec-08 12:04 pm )

24-Nov-08 08:46 pm to 7-Dec-08 10:28 am )

21-Nov-08 07:33 pm to 24-Nov-08 07:13 pm )

16-Nov-08 08:28 pm to 21-Nov-08 04:28 pm )
15-Nov-08 09:36 pm to 16-Nov-08 07:37 pm ) 
There's plenty there. You need to familiarize yourself with his tactics so you can identify this kind of person on the web in other areas you may be seeking information.
People like this are an embedded systemic functionary. Purpose? Misinformation.
Apparently showing the posting history of posters is something they don't condone and won't facilitate. 
and if you think you can trust this person's motivations:
By: mrrrfk  
22 Oct 2009, 01:15 PM EDT 
Rating: post rating 1
Msg. 256002 of 256005 
Jump to msg. #  
Just to annoy everyone, I went long again. LOL. 

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Sell)
He's been marginalized so he no longer cares he's transparent and irrelevant.
Notice how he's acting now.
By: mrrrfk  
22 Oct 2009, 02:59 PM EDT 
Rating: post rating 0
Msg. 256019 of 256020 
(Reply to 256016 by RaceRock
Jump to msg. #  
You longs should focus more on the Infinitek NAVPath/emPath Microsoft Dynamics angle. Not as exciting or grand in terms of immediate potential, but at least there's substance there. 

Infinitek is a reseller of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a package of .Net based applications with the ability to plug in optional applications from Microsoft's "partners" of which Now Solutions is one. 

Evidence points to emPath/NAVPath being offered by Infinitek as an optional HRMS application that can be added to the package. 

If emPath is really that good, this kind of exposure could find a entrance to a huge market. I don't see an immediate increase in revenues from this, but it could be an area of ongoing growth. 

Then maybe, Now Solutions could blossom, maybe even sold off. Who knows?

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Buy; LT Rating- Sell)
Additional feedback: 
Notice the response: 
This attempt to mitigate his past comments and statements is what is glaring given the shareprice rise and volume. Something has changed in his future and it doesn't look like he'll be having as much fun. 
If you don't actively monitor and assess who posts what as you're trying to glean information from public message forums, you're going to get rolled by those who will lie straight to your face... like the person we're focused on in this posting history. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:17 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 22 October 2009 3:48 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Topic: Notable Opinions

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 3:28 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009
Bitter Little Shrimp in Hot Water
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Topic: Apple Fritters

Mirror used to be rather funny and good natured.
Of late he's become bitter and abusive.
His end is come and he doesn't like it one bit. I guess he no longer cares it's so obvious. He has nothing left to lose.

By: mrrrfk  
13 Oct 2009, 04:46 PM EDT 
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Msg. 255242 of 255243 
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I have been collecting all the email addresses posted here and will be subscribing them to a bunch of sick porn sites. Stay tuned! 
That't the nature of the kind of people who've hounded the VCSY discussion for nine years.
Judge for yourself what agenda might belong to a person willing to post nine years with "no financial accretion". 
Sick and vengeful.
That's the nature of the people carrying out the anti-VCSY campaign.
Nine years of assault. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 4:50 PM EDT
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Thursday, 24 September 2009
Where we at on the map?
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Topic: Notable Opinions
I think this is an accurate read: 
By: trixijude  
24 Sep 2009, 02:36 PM EDT 
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Msg. 254149 of 254149 
(Reply to 254148 by arthurarnsley01
Jump to msg. #  
By: dabbler3248 
22 Sep 2009, 

Microsoft did say they would spend $8 Billion to catch up in Cloud Computing. And as we know, Microsoft settled on VCSY's 744 patent which looks to be all that Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform Azure is. imo 
Also at the time Microsoft announced spending $8 Billion on Cloud Computing they got set up to borrow money for the first time in their companies 34+ year history. Why would they want to borrow the money when they always have plenty of cash on hand? I'll tell you! It's because it's VCSY's guarantee that they will get all of the money arranged to come to VCSY. imo 

In the most recent Microsoft 10-K from July 30th, Microsoft has a credit facility that was taken right after the VCSY settlement which was originally set to expire on March 22nd but had been extended to November 6th, right before the Microsoft PDC.(Coincidentally) 
"This credit facility expires on November 6, 2009." 

(So as we see below - $6 Billion + $2 Billion = the $8 Billion that Microsoft claimed that they would spend to catch up in Cloud Computing) and YES VCSY will get that $8 Billion. imo 


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 2:44 PM EDT
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