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VCSY - A Laughing Place #2
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
You mean THIS little ol' place?
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Topic: Notable Opinions
Looks like our little buddy is nervous. Seeing the glare of headlights in the distance? heh heh heh 
By: mrrrfk
12 Jan 2010, 08:01 PM EST
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(Reply to 261622 by tepe)
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Yeah, I'd love to hear from the SEC about this over-hyped POS. Portuno still has his PUMPING website up with all the BS (his own and other's) about VCSY that caused a lot of naive investors to lose money thinking they were investing in something world-changing. What a JOKE (unless you got tricked by those LIES for big bux.) I'll just point them to it LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- No Position; ST Rating- Strong Sell; LT Rating- Strong Sell)
Point away. I'm sure many will want to know why they didn't know any of this.
Read on pilgrim.
By: stillwtr19
12 Jan 2010, 07:55 PM EST
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(Reply to 261618 by trixijude)
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trixijude it's good that we have informed shareholders thanks for the article. I was just taken back by how so many of you are actually standing up in this forum keeping the faith about the company after all these years cause we certainly need better communication, and all of us have said this in various ways yet some of the bashers never hear this message while distorting the truth about many of us. I get tired being attacked by these shareless posters, and often ask myself what in the heck is there incentive being here in the first place since they hold NO shares. I believe in our patents, but it is frustrating when the CEO "to present" has not capitalized and built shareholder value. So when I see shareholders still keeping the faith about their investment it's quite moving. glty

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Hold)
By: mrrrfk
12 Jan 2010, 08:25 PM EST
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(Reply to 261632 by tbrog)
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Look at the pathetic losers begging 4s for more BS!!!! LMAO!

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You folks who got it up the butt from the mirrors and tepes of the world have only one recourse: legal fund.
By: mrrrfk  
12 Jan 2010, 08:57 PM EST 
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(Reply to 261634 by hionvcsy
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4s? 4s? please 4s, tell us a story, 4s? 4s? we need something to hope for, 4s? did a little birdie tell you something, 4s? something big, 4s? Big and juicy? Or just stinky? 


By: stillwtr19  
12 Jan 2010, 08:58 PM EST 
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(Reply to 261594 by trixijude
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This copy and pasted post is worth another go around!! 

Posted earlier by trixijude 

Mindpix Corporation Discovers Identity of Notorious Corporate Cyber Basher 
5:48p ET January 11, 2010 (GlobeNewswire) 
Mindpix Corporation, a Nevada Corporation (Pink Sheets:MPIX), would like to inform their valued shareholders that after years of being senselessly attacked on the internet financialsites of InvestorsHub and RagingBull by someone posting by the name Sky-King, that they have finally been able to identify the Cyber Basher. The basher, David W. Pippy, employee of the Illinois State Comptroller's office, is currently working in an administrative position for Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes. Most shocking was that the notorious Sky-King posted over 1550 times on the government computer during regular business hours with the alleged purpose of driving down the price of MPIX and other publicly traded companies. David Pippy's alter ego, Sky-King, was created on the InvestorsHub Chat Board on April 16, 2003 and has continued until he was confronted on December 15, 2009. 

"We were alerted by a press release on Jan. 4, 2010 (PSGI.News) that had been a target of Mr. Pippy. David Pippy, admitted according to the press release, that he was the Sky-King who posted on InvestorsHub. Upon discovery of this information I contacted Mr. Pippy at his office in Springfield, Illinois and once I identified myself, Mr. Pippy said he didn't want to talk to me. I also contacted legal counsel for the Comptroller's office and was told that they investigated Mr. Pippy's computer after other complaints and Mr. Pippy admitted to using it to post his comments. However, surprisingly, their office has elected to turn the matter over to the SEC instead of pursuing the matter further themselves," stated Thomas E. Aliprandi, Chairman of Mindpix. 

"We are elated to finally know who this basher is and can use this information for moving forward in a positive and productive manner. MPIX will pursue David Pippy, and anyone else involved, with all legal resources available," says Aliprandi. "I want to personally thank MPIX's shareholders and let them know that we are going to deal swiftly with this malicious attack and move on to new heights. We value your support." 

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Hold)

By: stockwabbit  
12 Jan 2010, 09:11 PM EST 
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(Reply to 261640 by mrrrfk
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Mirror...................he is telling you a story.

By: mrrrfk  
12 Jan 2010, 09:15 PM EST 
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(Reply to 261645 by stockwabbit
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Not much of a plot. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:31 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 12 January 2010 9:17 PM EST
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