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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Topic: Notable Opinions
Just so you don't have to wade through the high waste water on Raging Bull to get the good ones.
By: RaceRock  
01 Aug 2009, 08:50 AM EDT 
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So you don't think there's a connection between the VCSY-MSFT confidential settlement from 1 year ago and a pending MSFT-YHOO partnership??? 

Here's how I think it's all playing out (IMHO) 

A year and a half ago MSFT was in hot pursuit of YHOO for their search engine and also at that time, MSFT was also a litigant to a VCSY patent infringement suit. Then, a year ago, a settlement was reached between VCSY & MSFT and MSFT licenses VCSY intellectual property. In the interim, MSFT completes development of BING (one of many new product announcements made by MSFT over the past year). And now, as part of the propsed MSFT-YHOO deal, we learn that MSFT is no longer interested in the YHOO search engine, instead its real interest is to gain market share of the search engine arena. In the proposed MSFT-YHOO deal, MSFT wants BING to replace the Yahoo search engine. In doing so, MSFT achieves a fast grab of 20% of the market by 'buying' access to Yahoo users. In exchange for replacing the Yahoo search engine with BING MSFT agrees to give YHOO 88% of all ad revenues generated from search requests. This new agreement might explain why YHOO is no longer worth $47B since its search engine no longer has any value. BING is now KING! 

Is it just a coincidence that news of this MSFT-YHOO partnership breaks exactly 1 year from the date of the VCSY-MSFT settlement??? 

In accepting the confidential settlement, I think VCSY granted MSFT a defined period of time (call it a 'waiting period') to complete development of certain products and get their house in order (i.e. a MSFT-YHOO partnership among other things). I think VCSY also agreed not to initiate any other patent infringement lawsuits over that defined waiting period so as to not interfere with VCSY's future relationship with MSFT. I know VCSY granted MSFT a non exclusive license as part of the confidential settlement but I believe the real objective was to eventually grant an exclusive licensing agreement to MSFT. Active patent infringement suits would have only served to muck up that from happening. Once all the pieces fall into place and the defined waiting period is over (perhaps we just reached it with the 1 year anniversary of the settlement) VCSY will be revealed as a critical player in MSFT future and ongoing business development activities and the exclusive licensing agreement with VCSY will be disclosed. VCSY share price will immediately skyrocket and all of us VCSY longs will look like freaking Warren Buffet geniuses. 

Did state this was IMHO? 

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Posted by Portuno Diamo at 2:24 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 1 August 2009 2:26 PM EDT
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