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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Topic: Notable Opinions
by normowak 
checkmate!    19-May-09 01:04 am    
notice that Fish & Richardson law firm does NOT do M&A.....Microsoft called in Ms. Rovner from Weil Gotshal & Manges...They DO M&A.....this is a win-win situation...Either Rovner was called in to close the deal that Fish & Richardson could not close OR Gotshal was called in to do MORE than deal with the patent infringement ... something that Microsoft thought would take 6 weeks to accomplish.....Either way, it appears to be good news! By the way, my first post was several months ago. my post dealt with the fact that Backweb hired Niro 8 months after Vcsy settled with Microsoft....Backweb filed a patent infringement suit against Microsoft...Why in the world would Backweb hire Niro if he blew the case against Microsoft and quite possibly future suits against Ibm and Adobe? Would you hire a lawyer if he pleaded with you to give him one more shot at getting Microsoft because they got away last time ? Many law firms would take a contingency case against the worlds deepest deep pocket i said in that post, Niro played the outcome (Vcsy vs. Microsoft) close to the vest (confidentiality agreement) but he revealed his hand by getting hired by a company(Backweb) to do the exact same thing(file a patent infringement lawsuit) to the exact same company(Microsoft) 8 months after he settled with them.....just a thought...
by normnowak 
not acting like an ambulance chaser    25-May-09 12:17 pm    
if vcsy REALLY did NOT have much going with the patent infringement against microsoft and microsoft was willing to throw vcsy a $2.9 million bone ( license agreement) then an obvious question remains....Why wouldn't Niro file suit against ibm, adobe and others if he could pocket a couple of million dollars for so little work? It has been a year since microsoft agreed to fork over almost $3 million....if that was ALL there was to the microsoft suit. why not file suit on at least ibm and adobe? If, and i really mean if Niro is "just a patent troll looking for a quick buck" he certainly is NOT acting the part... if Niro is really the slim that some make him out to be, having microsoft toss $3 million to vcsy would have him RUNNING to ibm and adobe with his hands out demanding a couple of, certainly NOT acting like a hit-and -run lawyer that some have claimed .......then again, i have respect for the #1 patent firm in the country.....there isn't even a close second...
by normnowak
NIRO already had his foot on lawyers throat    13-Jul-09 10:05 pm    
for those of you that said that Fish & Richardson looked at Niro as a nobody who would take a handout a run with it, i've got some "interesting " news for you....back on 9/10/07 Fish & Richardson were sued by one of their own lawyers...seems that the lawyer had some patents and one thing lead to another and before long, he was sueing his own "former " employer, Fish & Richardson.....the case settled on 8/14/ 08......Now, these lawyers at Fish & Richardson are VERY smart people....these are the guys that MICROSOFT uses....this "former" Fish & Richardson was "smart" enough to use NIRO as his the way...i guess NIRO did a pretty good job against Fish & Richardson because on 12/23/08 that's 4 months AFTER Fish & Richardson settled, NIRO filed suit against HARPO STUDIO's ( that's OPRAH WINFREY)....interesting that while VCSY had NIRO beating the hell out of Microsoft's lawyers, NIRO was in court "prosecuting" the law firm in another court.....
For those of you looking for information, pay particular attention to what posters say. The more cunning of them try to appear "reasonable" and "conservative". This particular poster should be dismissed entirely.
by mirrorfuk 
Re: NIRO already had his foot on lawyers throat    13-Jul-09 10:20 pm    
Niro did a great job, IMO, negotiating a $2.9M settlement for VCSY, very generous considering how weak the case was. Excellent job by Niro to get *anything* out of this. I never expected it. 

Niro sure proved that they are good. They squeezed water from a stone. imo.
 The obvious disparity in the information normnowak writes about and the scenario posters like mirrorfuk attempt to pass off to casual readers demonstrates the assertion by longs there is much more behind the covers on VCSY than actually appear.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 12:10 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 15 July 2009 12:26 AM EDT
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