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Wednesday, 16 May 2007
No this is not the last song.
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: 'Last Call' Stock broker finds out phone number to local bakery is number to winning lottery ticket. (Reality)
Topic: Microsoft and VCSY

You'll know it when you hear it.

Excuse me. I needed to kick the tin cans away from the door here so I could let you in. What can I say? I'm a lousy housekeeper and I have low pride of ownership on material things. It's free here on tripody. Free bandwidth free storage. Maybe if I paid for it I would be more careful where I put the tv trays and the recycle bins.

As it is, I hope to never become a professional at this. I do it for free so the cost of all this information (as tacky and as ill-kept as it may appear to those who make a business of this kind of thing) comes to you for nada damn thing.

Others are more respectful of money, though. They criticize me (and you by inference) for not paying more attention to things like money and time so those must rank up amongst their highest principles not to waste.

Yet, they rant the livelong day about what a waste it is to put your money in VCSY stock while "so many other stocks are doing great". I suppose ALL VCSY shareholders are dumped by their insinuations in that slop bucket.

As those posters say they value time as much as money more than I or more than the average VCSY shareholder, the only reasonable conclusion I can come up with why they do this sort of thing every day is they get paid. 

Me? I benefit greatly from posting as I am expressing opinions backed by facts on my investment. Besides getting to freely voice my opinions about something I care about passionately, I get to practice my typing and my posture. I get to think inside out of the box. I get to eat Cheerios all day and watch Oprah and think "What a good lad am I!" I get to tell fascinating people to stuff their high-minded righteousness up their tubular floutations and come to at least something more than an ad hoc basis as regards their intellectual honesty.

I also get to sit backwards on the ride so I can see more clearly where we are going because the ride behind has put us on that trajectory. It's what all inertial guidance does and wow do I have inertia


The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft

Comment In the beginning there was Microsoft. Then it exploded

By Charlie Demerjian: Sunday 28 December 2003, 11:31


EVERY SO often, there is a big shift in an industry. The shifts are not usually visible until long after they've happened, making you look back and say: "Oh yeah, things were different back then"....

...The fact remains that Microsoft's entire infrastructure is based on fundamentally flawed designs, not buggy code. These designs can't be changed.

To change them, Microsoft would have to dump all existing APIs and break compatibility with everything up till now. If Microsoft does do this, it will have the opportunity to fix the designs that plague its product lineup.

I doubt it will. Even .Net, the new secure infrastructure, and built with security in mind, lets you have access to the 'old ways'. Yes, you are not supposed to, but people somehow do, and hackers will. Microsoft and its customer are addicted to backwards compatibility in a way that makes a heroin addict look silly.

And if Microsoft does change its ways, what incentive will you have to stick with Microsoft? If you have to start over from scratch to build your app in this new, secure Microsoft environment, will you pay the hundreds or thousands of dollars to go the Microsoft route, or the $0 to go with Linux?

Starting from Scratch
Starting over from scratch nullifies the one advantage that Microsoft has, complete code and a trained staff. Migration and retraining features prominently in most Microsoft white papers, and if it has to throw all that away, what chance does it have?

In light of the won't do and can't do, Microsoft sits there, and watches its market share begin to erode. That's happening slowly at first, but the snowball is rolling. A few people are starting to look up the hill and notice this big thing barreling down at them, and some are bright enough to step out of the way.

The big industry change is happening, and we are at the inflection point. Watch closely people, and carefully read each and every press release. If you can see the big picture, this is one shift that won't be a surprise in hindsight.


Using hindsight we can see how prophetic this writing was. At that time, VCSY was on the cusp of turning the tide against her attackers by engaging Mister Gyselen in a settlement which allowed VCSY to go after a larger prey in CDC (who would buy Ross the next year) and Ross Systems... and anyone else to which the trails lead.

Yessirree bob I remember 2003. That were a rough and ready year. Somebody was working hard to make sure VCSY stayed in the dustbin of the dotcom boom and bust. Lots of inferred anxiety and high hostility. Here's just a random sample from the archives during that hot summer.

By: scam.slammer
06 Jun 2003, 01:42 PM EDT
Msg. 113891 of 185268
(This msg. is a reply to 113741 by Portuno_Diamo.)

Portuno, you asked what I know about Wade.

What I know is that he started this scam. And it is a scam because it was basically a hollow shell that pretended to be a real business so it could sell its worthless shell stock to gullible investors who don't take the time to read SEC filings (or can't understand what they're reading). It targeted folks who don't understand what a "blank check" operation is or how such a stock is fundamentally the same as a pyramid scheme except with more losers. That's all I need to know to be certain Wade is a scammer who started this company as a premediated scam to rip off investors. This is one of many issues you won't explicitly address except with lame copouts like your inane suggestion that all public corps are scams.

Anyone who takes a hollow shell corp and pumps it up with PAID STOCK TOUTS like the sleazoids from the Hawke Group and Equitilink from day one is running a premeditated scam intended only to transfer money from conned investors to himself and his associates. The idiotic parlor trick of the massive forward split that kicked off the initial pump & dump routine makes it clear that they were targeting ignorant investors. These issues you will also refuse to address explicitly.

As for your precious software that you've been tellling us will revolutionize the world for a couple of years now, if it was all that the original owner wouldn't have sold it to an otherwise worthless shell for a few thousand dollars. Duh! That alone tells you no one else in the entire tech world wanted it (don't infer from this that I think VCSY is really in the tech world).

I guess only you and Wade were brilliant enough to recognize its value and no one else in the tech world with actual assets to pay for it could see what you two see. Yeah, that must be it. Or maybe the guy who created it was an idiot savant who made world shaking software and sold it for nothing because he didn't know any better. Whatever, I'm sure this is just another issue you will avoid explicitly addressing just as you have always refused to make explicit statement in a real dialog that is relevant to the company.

Gawd! You'd think after two years of you jokers touting this stock without ever presenting any explicit rationale for why it's worth a dime everyone would be on to you by now. Most are on to you, I'm sure, but it seems you still have a couple of toadies hanging around waiting for you to give the order to drink the kool-aid, Mr. Jones.

"Drink up, boys! Sure it looks like kool-aid and has an odd taste, but it's really prime orange juice! Trust me! Have I ever steered you wrong?"
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By: recy43
06 Jun 2003, 02:56 PM EDT
Msg. 113908 of 185268

There is absolutely no reason that vcsy didn't file other than they chose not to. Any pending litigation or material facts could have easily been adressed in a timely filing. ie",vcsy is currently in arbitration concerning the % of ownership and board control of Now Solutions. A negative or positive ruling would significantly alter the current financial report."
Vcsy is on the pinks because they choose to be.
That they took this action with no explaination to shareholders and posted inaccurate information regarding their intent to file on their website is a telling signal of their blatant disregard for shareholders.
Can anyone explain why you hire an IR firm, then quit talking to shareholders and then go to the pinks? Does this make rational sense to anyone?�
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05 Jun 2003, 05:56 PM EDT
Msg. 113803 of 185268

Well, blew away my morning post about Port's prediction...and here bave has put up 2 (not 1), but 2 IBM PRs dated TODAY (not 6 years from now), 4sirius shows another potential app and biggrad calls your hand. Who does YOUR DD??

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long)

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By: recy43
03 Jun 2003, 08:35 AM EDT
Msg. 113606 of 185269
(This msg. is a reply to 113598 by mickk0.)

mickko, In your first post to the board you proudly proclaim you have been holding since pre-split.Please recognize that anyone that stupid has little to offer a stock message board.Please tell me how it would be possible to be any more foolish than that? Are you really saying, at this point in time, that anyone who bought pre-split and is still holding this toilet paper has an investing advantage over anyone? It is unbelievable how brainwashed and idiotic a vcsy long is capable of becoming.
AND in your disclosure you recommend buying more!!!
Are you buying more, Mickko? ...I sure hope so.�
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So, when you read different posters and wonder why they are posting, it's easy to sort out. Follow the money and the mentality suggesting what you do with yours will seem more discernible.

Enjoy the future whether it's your first or last. 

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:44 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 16 May 2007 1:47 PM EDT
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