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Saturday, 5 May 2007
Nuckles Demoan was my name in a former life cycle.
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: 'Kookamonga Kookie' Call girl abducted by Wanga Pangy islanders of Catalina. (Comedy/Sport)
Topic: Apple Fritters

Testify Church! Holylooye.

04 May 2007, 10:08 PM EDT
Msg. 157160 of 157164
(This msg. is a reply to 157157 by nicheslapper.)

Hey slapper, don't numerate your poultry till the period of incubation has materialized......he who laughs last laughs best.....Rastamafoo has been trying to tell you folks ya need to beware but I see you folks are taking it me, there is nothing personal, its strictly business......good luck to ya....krbjr

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- No Position)

- - - - -
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Like the guy said, nothingk personal. It's just what we do. It's just what krbjr and others alike do - the brethren and sisterns of consistent disappointment, one might say. Knit together in a bond of constant familiar desertation.

Some of it have been at it for seven years+ and perhaps spend more time with 'the crew' than most people spend with their golf clubs and kids combined. We's all tight, jackup.

Somebody tries to smother our baby, we start trying to find out if we can squeeze a little straw in there up the nostril so little junior (aka 'Leetel Keeler' Maxi-lead gas in the tank - make the ultraviolets sheen like a mama bird's pee) can at least make it to the next feeding.

We Promise we'll be nice but it's instinct to protect what is precious and what's more precious than money, right?

Golly gee, Missus Jenkins, city folk ain't never seen a cow et by ants. In the South, fire ants, make the little pissants running through your sugar bowl like it's Pensacola look like pissants. A fire ant is able to cause with one bite a sting and an itch that will forever remind you 'kill the fire ants where ever you find them'. Only one problem is they evolve to immune so the more you try to eliminate them from your property the larger and meaner they are out in the neighbor's property. It takes a village to kill fire ants.  Can't we all just get along? Throw the fire ants a cow every other week and everybody's happy.

How do you get rid of them? Never let them get established in the first place. I know that doesn't help the cow under consumption but it might help others in the heard.

Am I too cute or what? 

Try to fight them now that they are established and they do nothing but bite you every weekend and tunnel while you are at work. 

Like my landscape? It's a lawn with a rose bush and the sky with fire ants falling out of the blue. Things like that happen around twisters. You get cars, trailers, frogs, cows (That's the brown thing falling out of the sky) and just about everything else you can think of fall from the sky after a TexasTittyTwister. Oh... and fireants. A mode of transportation for fire ants just like dust and hail and marbles.

Posted by Portuno Diamo at 1:19 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 5 May 2007 1:52 PM EDT
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