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Sunday, 22 April 2007
So you stick this chicken in this pipe. Then at the other end you pull this string.
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Topic: Apple Fritters

I put this under Apple Fritters because I have a sneaky suspicion they're going to have to do the same thing about Leopard if they don't take a big hint and act now while prices are low. You too could have the ability to write 'arbitrary' code which means your code can run with anything. You too could write web-based functional micro-kerneled systems. Know what? You don't need an operating system on your computer with something like this. Just one seed agent to pull in and push out whatever machine capability you need. no operating system on the machine before you say go and no operating system on the machine after you say no.


So this is a generic impalement of the concept of traditional software development and the rise of the internet as application and operating systems. Because these are internet based and are 'experienced' on the user machine

The SiteFlash patent allows for the virtualization of any code module, model, service or framework. SiteFlash is an extensible operating framework for application creation opeartion and management for full auditable and governanced life-cycle.

Arbitrary = Code is made transparent to the user by virtualizing abstraction. Thus the user is able to run ANYBODIES software no matter how esoteric or big or small.

Sorry Microsoft people, and I know how much you think I'm biased, but this guy makes sense. And he makes alot of sense when you read his other article here: what he suggested three years

No, Apple People, it's your turn to do some soul searching and come to Jesus about a few things too.


Friend, are you tired of waiting for somebody to come up with the next big thing in interapplication communications and interoperation? Are you aching for a change from the islands of automation theory to a reality world highway of love and transaction from Balboa and the inlets to Martha's Vineyard, halleluja, you people down here in front move over they's a coming in...

And you in the back need to recognize that the language that is ubiquitous and universal makes all things arbitrary and we don't care what you know or what you say we want you to come right up here and say what's on your heart. I'm going to open up the lines now and comments are unmoderated.

Please watch the language we don't want to draw flies.

Mind you we have children and simpletons here amongst the throng and you folks what don't know technology and don't have a pHD and wouldn't know a litmus test if you peed on it please understand your ignorance in the presence of the all knowing VCSeye and submit your acquisition of knowledge from one amongs the treefort at ProgrammersHeaven  yay verily with meekness and subservience. You can offer to buy one fo them a care and they. Let them teach you in the ways of Emily and micro-kernel agent based interconnection systems and transaction process facility capabilities to folks like IBM excetera excetera exeterra.

Friend, you at home, that's you with the stupid grin, you know you're looking for machine fulfillment. You know you're looking to plug in hardware into that software of yours and in a vision Brother Bumbleberry over there in the third row had a vision and saw IBM is doing it with emPath/NOW Solutions (it's based on .Net - doing .Net where Microsoft has not been able to do with .Net until the recent Framework dealybob. verily), if a fat slovenly body like IBM can get off the couch and automate their server systems. Come to the Geeking Group Tabernacle and Snack Bar alive if you can... braindead on the couch like you are if you can't... and reach out and put your hand on the little lightscreen there in front of you (y'all out there in Alabama lick the chicken goo off your fingers) and (y'all don't put a napkin up there it interferes with the signal) y'all say 'Jeeeesuuuus. I need salvation from my machine obsessed ways. Give me freedom over these data bindings and business bottlenecks.' and I am sure the Lord will smile on you and decide not to smite thee with the emerods like he was deciding to do right before you made your heart's desire known to him hallelujah. You know how it's written 'Lo and behold I come quickly and I'm gonna kick some cracker butt when I doeth.' verily.

This concludes our broadcast of Brother Binkley's Nurturing Hour at the Geeking Group Tabernacle and Snack Bar on West Wego right across from the Piggly Wiggly. Y'all snake a conga line down here and try our chicken wings and pork chops specials. Only $1.99 a pound for red hot wings and a pork chop and a orange pop of various brands.


Jilly! Turn the radio off and get to bed. We got a big day tomorrow if you wanna go see your grandpa.



Microsoft admits Vista failure

Actions speak louder than PR

By Charlie Demerjian in Beijing: Saturday 21 April 2007, 12:20

WITH TWO OVERLAPPING events, Microsoft admitted what we have been saying all along, Vista, aka Windows Me Two (Me II), is a joke that no one wants.

It did two unprecedented things this week that frankly stunned us.

Dell announced that it would be offering XP again on home PCs. The second that Vista came out, Microsoft makes it very hard for you to sell anything other than Me II. It can't do this on the business side because it would be laughed out the door, but for the walking sheep class, well, you take what you are shovelled.

This is classic abusive monopoly behavior, Microsoft wrote the modern book on it. It pulled all the major OEMs in by twisting their arms with the usual methods, and they again all fell into line. Never before has anyone backpedalled on this, to do so would earn you the wrath of Microsoft.

But Dell just did. This means that Me II sales are at least as bad as we think, the software and driver situation is just as miserable, and Dell had no choice but to buck the trend. If anyone thinks this is an act of atonement for foisting such a steaming pile on us, think again, it doesn't care about the consumer.

What happened is the OEMs revolted in the background and forced Microsoft's hand. This is a big neon sign above Me II saying 'FAILURE'. Blink blink blink. OK, Me II won't fail, Microsoft has OEMs whipped and threatened into a corner, it will sell, but you can almost hear the defectors marching toward Linux. This is a watershed.

The other equally monumental Me II failure? Gates in China launching a $3 version of bundled Me II. Why is this not altruism? Well, it goes back to piracy and how it helped enforce the MS monopoly. If you can easily pirate Windows, Linux has no price advantage, they both cost zero.

With Me II, Microsoft made it very hard to pirate. It is do-able, you can use the BIOS hack and probably a host of others, but the point is, it raised the bar enough so lots of people have to buy it. Want to bet that in a country with $100 average monthly salary, people aren't going to shell out $299 for Me II Broken Edition?

What did MS do? It dropped the price about 100x or so. I can't say this is unprecedented, when it made Office 2003 hard to pirate it had to backpedal with the student edition for about $150. This time though, things are much more desperate.

If you fit Microsoft's somewhat convoluted definition of poor, it still wants to lock you in, you might get rich enough to afford the full-priced stuff someday. It is at a dangerous crossroads, if its software bumps up the price of a computer by 100 per cent, people might look to alternatives.

That means no Me II DRM infection lock in, no mass migration to the newer Office obfuscated and patented file formats, and worse yet, people might utter the W word. Yes, you guessed it, 'why'. People might ask why it is sticking with the MS lock in, and at that point, it is in deep trouble.

So, it did the unthinkable, and dropped the price. I won't bother to hunt down all the exec quotes saying how people can't afford clean water would be overjoyed to sell kidneys to upgrade to the new version of Office, but they are out there. This was a sacred cow, and it is now hamburger backed up against the wall.

These two actions by Microsoft are proof of what I suggested three years ago. Microsoft has lost its ability to twist arms, and now it is going to die. It can't compete on level ground, so is left with backpedalling and discounts of almost 100 times.

What we are seeing is an unprecedented shift of power. It is also an unprecedented admission of failure. And the funniest part about the moves made? They are the wrong things to do. Microsoft is in deep trouble. µ


Posted by Portuno Diamo at 8:03 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 22 April 2007 8:12 PM EDT
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